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Because the sands of Westpunt are strewn with pebbles, this beach isn't particualrly good for sunbathing or walking without shoes. The waters here are calm enough for swimming, but don't have the best conditions for snorkeling. Beachgoers can watch adventurous travelers take the plunge from the beach's high cliffs into the ocean below.

Located on the northwestern coast of the island of Curacao, this beach is nicely positioned on the coast. You should think about stopping by even if you aren't staying particularly close by. If you're looking for a quiet part of the coast, away from crowded tourist attractions, you should check out Westpunt, a pretty, but less popular part of the coast.

How to Access The Beach

Way up on the northwest corner of the island, you can access a dirt road from Sabana Westpunt that takes you north and in the direction of the east coast. Before you get all the way out to the east coast, you'll find a trail that will take you to the left, and to the shore.

Amenities and Ambiance

The pebbly shores of Westpunt are situated on the northwest tip of the island. There isn't much sand at this beach, but there is some shade under rocky ledges, where you can take refuge during the hot afternoon hours. Westpunt is a public beach, but it is fishermen and their boats that mostly frequent this beach.

Also, you have the option of trying the restaurant located right on Westpunt. There are a lot of dining experiences to be enjoyed in Curaçao, but eating at the beach can be especially memorable. Did you know that some hotels are happy to pack picnic lunches for their guests? Otherwise, street vendors and casual walk-up eateries will have take-out dishes you can bring to the beach.

The concession stand located here is another lunchtime alternative. You may also have the option to order some food from one of the mobile vendors who typically set up at this spot.

Keep in mind that restrooms won't be found on-site, but you may be able to find facilities at a nearby business. Westpunt is a unique beach in that it is perfect for sightseeing and for relaxing and taking in all the amazing views.

If you tend to prefer coasts that offer a relaxing environment, then you may want to try Westpunt; it is tucked away within a more rural area of Curacao.

What's Nearby


Positioned on the North West coast of Curacao; the area is home to other attractions such as Landhuis Kenepa Plantation, which is three miles to the south of this spot.

If you want to mix some cultural exploration with your trip to the beach, you may want to consider visiting Tula Museum, a lovely museum found three miles to the south, giving you a chance to see, and learn about, even more of the area.

Being able to choose from some activities besides the beach will ensure you won't run low on things to do. The attractions closest to this beach are listed in the following table.

Activities and Attractions Near Westpunt
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Landhuis Kenepa Plantation Historical Site 3.2 S Curacao
Tula Museum Museum 3.2 S Curacao
Savonet Museum Museum 4.2 SE Curacao
Landhuis Ascension Museum 10.3 SE Curacao
Holland Casino Casino 19.9 SE Curacao

Cities and Towns

Westpunt is the closest town and is an interesting area that brings together the quietude of the Caribbean and the urbanization of city life.


Whether or not you encounter many other people will vary depending on the time of day, particularly in the high season when hotels overflow with tourists. There are not many major hotels nearby, but you may meet visitors staying at some of the smaller accommodations in the area.


Though this spot isn't close to many restaurants, you can still find some interesting eateries, especially if you are willing to drive a bit. One of the nearest restaurants is Jaanchi's Restaurant, which is a delicious choice during or after a day at the beach.

Nearby restaurant options are listed in the following table.

Restaurants near Westpunt
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Jaanchi's Restaurant (599-9) 864-0126 Caribbean -- -- --
Kalki Beach Bar And Grill (599-9) 839-3600 American Very Casual 1.0 mi. S
Landhuis Daniel (599-9) 864-8400 Creole, Dutch, French, Mediterranean Informal -- --
Watamula Restaurant (599-9) 839-3600 -- -- -- --

Other Beaches

Needless to say, there are other beaches on Curacao besides Westpunt worth visiting.

If you like the ambiance at this beach, you might also like Playa Kalki, located within a mile or so. Others might prefer Playa Kenepa, which offers more action, and is closer to additional things to do and see nearby. It's found two and a half miles to the south.

You may also enjoy Playa Santa Cruz, located not too far away, so a quick cab ride is an easy option.

While Curaçao has many alluring attractions, a trip to Westpunt could end up a family favorite.


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