Restaurant Options in Dangriga

You won't want to miss a chance to sample local cuisine during your stay in Dangriga, which ranges from hearty Latin American dishes to unique foods that were beloved by the Maya. Of course, if you are craving something that tastes more like something from home, there is a small offering of European, American, and International restaurants to choose from as well.

Caribbean and Local

Travelers will find plenty of chances to experiment with local flavors and dishes during their time in Dangriga. Caribbean and Jamaican dishes are among the popular choices you'll find in the area. Remember that you can click on the restaurant names to read more information.

Coconut's Seaside Grill can be found at Pelican Beach Resort and is a Caribbean option situated in northern Dangriga. Coconut's Seaside Grill, Bar, and Coffee Shop is the perfect dining establishment for vacationers interested in sampling local Belizean fare. All ten different cultures that are dominant in Belize are represented on the menu, allowing you to "eat your way" through Belize. If you're looking to call ahead of time, do so at (501) 522-2044.

King Burger Restaurant is a top nearby dining venue that's worth considering. King Burger is not just a burger joint. This restaurant serves a number of local dishes such as rice and beans and stews, as well as other Latin American dishes. They're at 135 Commerce Street.

Riverside Café: Loved by locals for their inexpensive but hearty meals, Riverside Cafe may look rundown, but the food shows how well cared for the spot really is. They're on Corner South Riverside & Oak Street.

Be sure to go through the chart below in order to view the relevant restaurants that you will be able to find within Dangriga.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Dangriga
Name Location Type Phone Number
Coconut's Seaside Grill 0.9 mi. North of Central Dangriga Caribbean (501) 522-2044
Karen’s Delight Central Dangriga Caribbean (501) 502-3952
King Burger Restaurant Central Dangriga International, Latin American (501) 522-2476
Riverside Café Central Dangriga Caribbean (501) 669-1473
Roots Kitchen Central Dangriga Caribbean (501) 601-2519
Yaady's Central Dangriga Jamaican --

European and Asian

Vacationers can choose between European options nearby, but you shouldn't anticipate finding much in the way of Asian cuisine. Alongside Chinese restaurants, you can also enjoy Fusion choices nearby as well.

While there happens to be a limited number of relevant restaurants that can be found within Dangriga, you can find out more about them in the chart found below.

European and Asian Restaurants in Dangriga
Name Location Type Phone Number
Cella's Pizza House 0.8 mi. North of Central Dangriga Italian (501) 522-2536
Family Restaurant Central Dangriga Chinese, Fusion --
Starlight Restaurant Central Dangriga Chinese (501) 522-3392

American and Other

In addition to a few recognizable mealtime options, you can also enjoy some Chinese and Fusion food.

Even though there happens to be just a few such dining options possible within Dangriga, feel free to see some more information about them by looking at the chart found directly below.

American and Other Restaurants in Dangriga
Name Location Type Phone Number
Cedar Street Deli Central Dangriga Eclectic (501) 609-5664
Family Restaurant Central Dangriga Chinese, Fusion --
King Burger Restaurant Central Dangriga International, Latin American (501) 522-2476

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