Boating and Sailing Near Dangriga

Whether you sail yourself or hire someone to do the work, you must get out on Dangriga's waters

Photo credit: © Ken Mayer

A busy spot for good food and excellent shopping, Dangriga is popular amongst those who have lot of extra wiggle room in their shopping and entertainment budget. Although there may not be a huge selection of local sailors offering excursions, this destination is great for those looking for a peaceful sail with a local charter company as well as a good place for international sailors to anchor their private vessel.

Boat Rentals and Charters

The Utopia is a 40 foot catamaran that operates out of Hopkins but is regularly spotted in Dangriga. This boat is a popular private charter which allows tourists the luxury of a sail along the Caribbean coast of Belize without having to do any of the work. You may be able to find a few other companies in the area that offer this service that are so small they remain off the radar, so many sure to ask around when you arrive.


From the time you arrive in local waters you have exactly 24 hours to meet with customs and immigrations officials. This country has patrols out on the water to ensure this time limit is met, so don't think you can manage to squeeze in a few extra hours of sailing then leave without having given notice. Four copies each of your crew manifest, ship's stores, and boat's official paperwork will all need to be presented to customs, and to immigrations you'll need to offer a valid passport for each person aboard. After having gained clearance, you can then begin the fun of exploring Dangriga, and you'll be able to sail in local waters for up to one month.

The waters off the coast of Dangriga are hard to resist. If you want to get out and see the coastline from unique angle, feel the sea breeze on your skin, and understand what real relaxation is, you'll definitely want to figure out a way to spend some time sailing during your stay.


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