Taxis in Dangriga

Taxis are a great way to get around in Dangriga as well as a way to travel to other cities in Belize

Far from most other areas in Belize, taxis can get expensive as your main mode of transportation. However, the ability to personalize routes and negotiate prices may prove to be useful. Additionally, if you stay within Dangriga, the price of the taxi generally stays pretty low.

Taxi Companies

Dangriga is not overrun by taxis, but they are available to tourists who are in need. For the most part, you'll find them blending in with traffic, discernible only by the green license plates that indicate they are legal and licensed, or awaiting new arrivals by the airport. If you are in need of a ride, your best bet will be to call and arrange a pick up time.

Because of this, it is probably a good idea to contact a company ahead of time and avoid the risk of not finding one when you need it, or having to settle with a high fare.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The cost of your ride will vary by driver since there are no meters or set rates, but in general, you can expect to get around town for less than $3.00 USD.

Wondering what taxi rides cost? Look at this array of data.

Typical Fares Around Dangriga
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 34.00 - $ 39.25 Dangriga Hopkins
$ 87.15 - $ 100.25 Dangriga Placencia
$ 130.00 - $ 151.00 Dangriga San Ignacio
$ 90.00 - $ 105.00 Dangriga Belmopan
$ 176.50 - $ 205.00 Dangriga Downtown Belize City
$ 175.00 - $ 201.25 Dangriga Punta Gorda
$ 2.80 - $ 3.50 Dangriga Dangriga Airport
$ 67.50 - $ 78.75 Dangriga Blue Hole National Park
$ 39.50 - $ 45.50 Dangriga Sittee Marina Beach

Despite the high costs, taxis are still an option to travel between cities, and a good way to get around town. Keep your budget as well as your level of comfort driving in a foreign country in mind, and often you'll find that using this mode of transportation is the way to go.


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