Dangriga Transportation

Transportation options are plentiful in Dangriga

An agricultural town with urban leanings, Dangriga is the largest city in the south of Belize, but remains of little importance to most tourists for most of the year. Come Garifuna Settlement Day, however, the town is hopping with those interested in learning about the Garifuna culture as it is the center of the centuries-old culture. First things first. Before you can surround yourself in this unique atmosphere, you'll have to figure out how you'll get there.

Getting There

Most tourists who visit Dangriga do so by booking a few connecting flights into town. This is the fastest way, but it isn't the most scenic, and for some it is the least preferable. Other options include sailing your own yacht, cruising on a luxury liner, or taking a road trip in your personal vehicle.

Getting Around

Before you decide how you'll get around Dangriga, you'll want to know if you plan on visiting any other towns in Belize during your trip. This could help inform your decision as you choose amongst renting a car, using local taxis, taking the bus, or sailing on a ferry.

Air Travel

Flying Dangriga consists of a flight into Belize City then making the switch to a domestic flight aboard eitherMaya Island Air or Tropic Air, which will take you to the small town in under a half an hour depending upon how many stops you have to make along the way. Although the cost of the flight into the country will fluctuate based on the time of year you fly and which airline you choose, flights from Belize City to Dangriga always cost less than $60(USD) per person each way. Read our guide to Dangriga Air Travel for more specifics regarding which airlines fly into Belize City from the U.S., information about the airports, and even flight times.


If you're an avid sailor you can plan your next adventure to Dangriga. Bahia Dargriga is the local spot to anchor your vessel and get out for shopping and dining. Be aware that you have 24 hours from the time that you arrive in Belize waters to report to customs with four copies of your ship's stores, your crew list, and you boat's official paperwork. Once you've been cleared, you're allowed to continue sailing in local waters for one month.


Caribbean cruises often make stops in Belize, especially between the months of November and May when the country is at the peak of tourism. During this time it is common for four to six cruise ships to dock at the Belize City Cruise Port on a weekly basis. At more than two hours away by car, driving to and from Dangriga during one of your shore days is not an easy task to undertake, but if you want to spend some extra money you can fly there.


If you've got extra time and want to see several countries worth of landscape, consider taking a road trip that ends in Dangriga. From the United States-Mexico border it will wake bout 24 hours of driving to get to Belize, where from Belize City you can take Western Highway to Belmopan, connect with the Hummingbird Highway and drive south until about six miles before you hit Dangriga where you will connect to the Southern Highway and complete the drive on that road. It takes about two and a half hours.

As you cross the border into Belize, you'll be required to show proof of the vehicles ownership, or that you're leasing or renting it. You will also need to register the vehicle on your passport, and buy both Belize Liability Insurance and a one-month importation permit.

Rental Cars

...no rental car agencies in town...


Renting a car in Dangriga is a unique experience since there are no rental car agencies in town. If you insist on having a vehicle at your disposal, you can enlist the help of your hotel to find you a local that will be willing to make a deal with you and allow you to drive their personal vehicle around during your stay. Before you get on the road, make sure you are aware of the conditions you'll face while driving, because Dangriga is not known for its well-maintained infrastructure. Click here to learn all about driving in this town.


While not as common as in Belize City, taxis in Dangriga are an option for those looking travel. Just be warned that the remoteness of the area means that fares are generally high when traveling between cities.

If you think that taxis will be part of your Dangriga vacation, you should check out our Dangriga Taxi Guide that lists some local companies and some sample fares.


One popular way to get to Dangriga from the airport is to take the bus.  At just $10(USD) it is extremely inexpensive, and the main bus terminal is convenietly located right at the main entrance to town.  Unfortunately, there is no bus that offers daily service within Dangriga, but you can still make the most of Belize's bus system.  Learn more here



There is a ferry available to tourists staying in Dangriga that can get them to some of the cays that surround Belize. This ferry service also offers international transport to Puerto Cortés, Honduras for those looking to visit the nearby country. The one downside to using this service is that it is unpredicable. The only way to get a ride is to head to the dock and ask when the next ferry is leaving.

Find out if you can make this water-based service work for you by clicking here.

With so many transportation options to choose from, it can be a struggle for some to it down to one choice in each category. Taking the time to learn about each one, including the cost and ease of travel can help you to do so.


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