Dennery Transportation

Transportation options are plentiful in Dennery

Located in a bay which is sheltered by Dennery Island, Dennery is a small village along the east coast known for its natural and even adventurous attractions as well as its low-maintenance vibe. While plenty of people stop in this town for a visit, it certainly is not known for its busy or overcrowded nature, so tourists looking for a place to get away will find this is the perfect spot for them.

Getting There

In order to get to Dennery you'll need to fly or sail. Although most people choose to fly, sailing your own private vessel, stopping as part of a luxury cruise, or even taking a ferry from a nearby French island are all options.

Getting Around

Ground transportation in Dennery ranges from the ultra-private rental car, semi-private taxi, and totally-public bus. The option you choose should be based on a number of factors, from your budget to how comfortable you feel relying on each. The information below should help you to quickly determine the latter.

Air Travel

Where you are traveling from, rather than where you are traveling to, will dictate which of the two airports you'll book your flight to when you choose to fly to your getaway in Dennery. The Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) in Vieux Fort welcomes most international air travel from big cities around the world, while George F.L. Charles Airport (SLU) in Castries is where flights from other islands in the Caribbean mainly travel to. Fortunately for tourists staying in Dennery, these airports are about equidistance away from the town, give or take about 10 minutes. Find out more by clicking here.


Sailing is a great option for tourists who have the skills and the desire to do so. Unfortunately, for these people, Dennery won't be the first stop they can make along the way because it is not an official port of call. You'll have to head to one of five other locations on the island to do clear customs. Find out what it takes to legally enter the country here.


Although St. Lucia is not the most popular cruise destination in the Caribbean, it does see its fair share of luxury liners each year during the height of cruise season. There are two places for ships to dock, both of which are located in Castries: Port Castries and Port Seraphine. It takes less than an hour to get from these ports to Dennery by car, which means you can easily plan to spend your day ashore exploring this quiet community.

Rental Cars

If you're going to rent a car for your stay, there are a few options to consider. You could rent a car from the airport and drive yourself to Dennery. Rental agencies in the airport are typically large chains that you'll likely recognize from back home like Hertz and Avis who offer rentals for around $80 to $100(USD) a day. You may also decide to hire and airport transfer to get you to Dennery and rent your vehicle there, or that you only need a rental for a day or so of your getaway. In that case, you'll have the opportunity to choose between a chain and a local agency, where you might be able to get a better deal. Learn more about these opportunities by clicking here.


Many tourists choose to stick to using taxis as their main source of transportation during their stay because of the bad reputation the roads on the island have. Taxis are known for being clean and offering a smooth ride plus the drivers are extremely friendly. The one downside, as most visitors would agree, is the cost. The price to take a taxi from the Hewanorra International Airport to Castries is nearly $100(USD), for example. More information about hailing a cab and how much it will cost you can be learned by clicking here.


The bus system in Dennery is just a little different than what you'd expect from public transportation. They are actually minibuses that can hold up to 14 passengers at one time and have fun names like Lucian Love. Locals use this service often thanks to their low price, so you can expect the buses to always be crowded. While this may seem like an inconvenience, tourists generally find this a great way to experience local culture and when you're on a bus full of friendly riders you'll be able to strike up and enjoy great conversation. Buses run from before sunrise until 10:00 p.m.

For more information about Dennery's buses, click here


The last known way to get to St. Lucia is by taking a ferry from Martinique. L'Express des Iles has been offering catamaran service between the two islands for years, with three services a week. The ferry docks in Castries, but again, the town is close enough to Dennery that you shouldn't have trouble making your way over once you arrive. The cost of the trip is 67 Euros one way and 100 Euros round trip which takes three hours.

A vacation in Dennery means you could very easily fly, sail, and drive all in the span of just one day. Knowing what each option entails and how much you'll spend helps you to determine which will work best for you, and allow you to get busy making arrangements.


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