Deshaies Accomodation Options

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Deshaies has perhaps the most variety of any destination in Guadeoupe when it comes to accommodations.  While most areas specialize in either all-inclusive resorts or smaller hotels that are more like guesthouses, this town has it all.  There are even several locations that specialize in sustainable living, allowing Deshaies to truly offer a lodging option for every type of visitor. 

Hotels In and Around Deshaies

Langley Resort Hotel Fort Royal

In addition to typical hotels, there is also a property offering cottages. Read additional info regarding each one by clicking on them.

Le Rayon Vert is a nice property near Deshaies. A family owned property set on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Le Rayon Vert is known for its natural setting and friendly staff. Visitors can reach them at (059) 028-4323.

La Sucrerie Du Comte: La Sucrerie Du Comte Is Composed Of 26 Bungalows Which House 2 Rooms Each Scattered Over An 11 Acre Tropical Setting With Large Swimming Pool And Sun If you want to be sure they're open , call them at 590 28 6017.

Take a moment to look through the chart below to learn more.

Hotels Around Deshaies
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
La Sucrerie Du Comte Cottages 590 28 6017


3.6 mi. East of Central Deshaies
Langley Resort Hotel Fort Royal Hotel 0590 68 76 76


0.3 mi. Northwest of Central Deshaies
Le Rayon Vert Hotel (059) 028-4323


4.7 mi. South-Southwest of Central Deshaies

You will be able to see all additional accommodations around Guadeloupe here.

Camping and Eco-Tourism Near Deshaies

Nature lovers and their families will want to consider the opportunities for eco-tourism just outside of Deshaies. Besides the usual hotels and accommodations, you can find multiple eco-lodges.

If you are planning for some special occasion, or if you're coming with a large group, you can find a group-friendly accommodation like Tendacayou. Never was there a more unique setting than Tendacayou, which is a collection of tree house suites that bring out the child in you while appeasing the adult with luxury and elegance. If you want to call in advance, do so at (059) 028-4272.

Caraib Bay Hotel is a popular choice near Deshaies. Every dream of a tropical hotel setting is what Caraib Bay Hotel is made of, from the friendly staff that hosts a welcoming cocktail hour, to the views of the sea, and even the spacious, island-style guest rooms. Visitors can reach them at (059) 028-4171.

The chart right below lists some key facts regarding the 2 eco-accommodation options available.

Eco-Accommodations Near Deshaies
Name Phone Number Star Rating Location
Caraib Bay Hotel (059) 028-4171


1.9 mi. South-Southwest of Central Deshaies
Tendacayou (059) 028-4272


2.7 mi. South-Southwest of Central Deshaies

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Some travelers like the simplicity of paying for everything on a single bill. There are several explanations why this pricing method is popular. For instance, they provide a simple way to totally relax without having to think about your budget. The choice below is the only all-inclusive property available here.

Tennis enthusiasts and their families will enjoy booking their stay at Langley Resort Hotel Fort Royal, as they have some excellent tennis facilities. Offering 215 modern hotel rooms and 7 suites, a restaurant overlooking the sea and numerous onsite activities, the Langley Resort Hotel Fort Royal Guadeloupe provides the ultimate Caribbean vacation experience. Three different vacation packages allow guests to design a vacation that is right for them, while the beach and beach bar remove any obstacles between you and the sea. Try calling them at 0590 68 76 76.

When considering an all-inclusive package, don't assume each property offers the same amenities. Avoid surprises -- call ahead or carefully study the official website, to confirm what's included in the all-inclusive price.

No matter your personal travel style or your budget, there is a bet waiting for you in Deshaies. 


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