Anse du Grand Bas Vent

One of the several beaches that once served abandoned hotels, Anse de Grand Bas Vent is much less crowded than it once was. Tucked away in the Northern Coast of West Guadeloupe, this beach's seclusion and views of the uninhabited Ilet Kahouanne still make it popular to those who know about it.

Located on the northern outskirts of Deshaies, 1.7 miles north of Cafeiere, Anse du Grand Bas Vent is on the North coast of Basse-Terre. You should think about stopping by whether or not you are staying very close. Love beach-going but hate the crowds? Extra space is just one of the perks that comes with finding a beach that isn't overly lined with restaurants and beach bars; beaches less-traveled like Anse du Grand Bas Vent allow you much more room to spread out and feel comfortable.

How to Access The Beach
Those wanting to visit the beach can take Highway N-2 into the small area of Bas Vent. When there, simply head as far north as you can, and you will find the beach.

Amenities and Ambiance

Overlooking the beach is the abandoned hotel. Other than that, the beach is clear of structures, and the line of trees block the views of the small town the beach is located in.

Please note that public restrooms are not available, which is something to consider if you plan to spend a full day in the sun.

Anse du Grand Bas Vent offers visitors an idyllic and peaceful escape, since the surrounding area won't be overly crowded.

What's Nearby


This beach is positioned on the North coast of Basse-Terre. Accommodations nearby include the Langley Resort Hotel Fort Royal, that can be found only a short distance away. Visitors have the option to walk or to take a cab to this property, one of the most conveniently located places to stay near Anse du Grand Bas Vent, despite there not being too many other popular spots you can reach quickly.

Cities and Towns

The nearest area on Basse-Terre to Anse du Grand Bas Vent is Deshaies. This part in Guadeloupe is noted for its balance between seclusion and urbanization.


The number of other people sharing spots in the sand can vary widely, depending on when you visit, and how full nearby hotel rooms are. You can generally expect to encounter quite a few travelers staying at the closest accommodations.

While there aren't many hotels within driving distance, the nearest ones are shown in the table below.

Accommodations near Anse du Grand Bas Vent
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Langley Resort Hotel Fort Royal 0.2 mi. W Hotel
Caraibes Royal 0.3 mi. SW Hotel


If you start getting hungry during your afternoon at the shore, this beach has you covered, so there's no need to go too far away. One of the nearest restaurants is Le Boobooj’s. This restaurant serves Caribbean food. They also specialize in salads.

Some nearby restaurant options are provided in the following table.

Restaurants near Anse du Grand Bas Vent
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Le Boobooj’s -- Caribbean Very Casual 0.9 mi. SW
Green Kafé (059) 021-4034 Creole Very Casual 2.0 mi. SSW
Koté Lagon (069) 097-3743 Creole Very Casual 2.0 mi. SSW
Le Karacoli (059) 028-4117 Creole Very Casual 2.0 mi. SSW
La Table du Poisson Rouge (059) 022-6050 French Informal 3.0 mi. SSW
Le Banana’s (069) 057-2740 Creole Very Casual -- --
La Savane (059) 091-3958 American, French Informal 3.0 mi. SSW
Le Coin des Pecheurs (059) 028-4775 Creole Very Casual 3.0 mi. SSW
Le Mahina (059) 088-9538 Creole Very Casual 3.0 mi. SSW
L’Amer (059) 068-3030 Creole Very Casual 3.0 mi. SSW
Passion Créole (059) 091-8175 Creole Very Casual 3.0 mi. SSW
Pizzeria Gwada'Yolo (059) 083-4337 Italian Very Casual 3.0 mi. SSW

Other Beaches

Anse du Grand Bas Vent isn't the only beach worth checking out on Basse-Terre.

You might also want to visit Anse du Petit Bas Vent, which is located within a couple of miles.

You may find that Anse du Grand Bas Vent is a great fit for your vacation, but maybe you want to see more; in which case you should find a beach with a seclusion factor that suits you.


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