Transportation Options for Deshaies

You may be surprised by what transportation options are available in Deshaies

Located on the northwest coast of Basse Terre, the small town of Deshaies, with its Caribbean style and French-speaking people has become known as the place to go to do “not much at all.”  Still, it grows in popularity each year among tourists, which has in turn allowed local transportation options to flourish as well. 

Air Travel

About 45 minutes away from Deshaies in Pointe a Pitre, Grande Terre isLe Raizet Airport (PTP).  Weekly flights from Miami, Montreal, and London travel here non-stop, as do flights with regional carriers from several nearby islands in the Caribbean.  International flights are fewer than most people would like, so it does take a bit of planning to fly here.  You'll get all of the details on making it work when you click here


Because Deshaies is located on Basse Terre, pleasure sailors will easily be able to make their way to this destination.  The island is an official port of entry in Guadeloupe, and the nearby marina is known as a good one.  To gain clearance, you'll sail into port with your “Q” flag and present a clearance form from your last port of call, the boat's official registration, a crew list, and a passport for every person aboard.  Once you've gained clearance, you'll be free to cruise around the islands, and dock wherever you've reserved space. 


Guadeloupe's main port of call for cruise ships is at the Centre Saint-John Perse Terminal in Basse Terre.  But there are also a small number of cruise ships that pull into the harbor on Deshaies every so often.  Sebourne is one cruise line that you can count on to visit this port on occasion, so this is a good place to start when you're hoping to sail to this destination. 

Rental Cars

Because Deshaies is a small, out of the way town, renting a car is highly recommended.  You'll find the easiest option will be to rent when you arrive on the island, either at the airport or ferry terminal in Pointe a Pitre, but there are a few larger agencies that will deliver the vehicle to you at your accommodations for free.  Rental rates are from $40 to $100(USD) a day. 


Hiring a taxi to drive you around Deshaies will cost you quite a lot if it is the only way you choose to get around, but as an occasional service you may find it to be exemplary.  The cost is 1 Euro per minute unless you and your driver agree on a different price, so be prepared to negotiate.  Find out more by reading about Taxis in Deshaies here


From 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday there is a bus that travels from Pointe a Pitre to Basse Terre that makes a stop in Deshaies as well as several other towns along the way.  Limited services are available on Sundays.  Fares depend on your destination. 


You may not be able to take a ferry direct from Deshaies, but you will be able to head to Trois Rivieras for a ferry to Terre de Haut offered by CTM Deher.  The ferry leaves at 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and costs 14 Euros or just under $20(USD) each way.  You can also head to Pointe a Pitre on Grande Terre and travel internationally to Martinique, St. Lucia, and Dominica with L'Express des Iles.

While you may visit Deshaies with the intent of doing as little moving around as possible, getting to know your transportation options for this destination is as important as anywhere else. 


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