Renting a Bike or Scooter in Diamante

Cycling in Diamante can be difficult to those who haven't been training in the sport for quite some time thanks to the somewhat rugged terrain, however, it certainly is a possibility due to a few rental locations in the area.  Visitors may also have the chance to rent a 50cc scooter or less even if they don't have a driver's license.  

If you are intrigued by the idea of enjoying the scenery at a leisurely pace, there are two rental agencies that can help make it happen.

If you're ready to make a reservation, you should consider Rent a Car Le Diamant. This Rent a Car locations offers both hourly and long term car rentals at prices that vary by the season and based on specials offered on occasion. They are located in Diamante.

Another option is Scootonnerre. If you're in need of a bicycle rental for a few hours of exploring, or even for your entire visit, this is where you can pick the right bike for you. You can call them at (059) 676-4112.

Review the table below if you want more information.

Bike and Moped Rental In Diamante
Name Phone Location
Rent a Car Le Diamant (059) 676-1596 0.5 mi. East of Downtown Diamant
Scootonnerre (059) 676-4112 Downtown Diamant

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