Diamante Taxis

Taxi services are great in Diamante, but prices are high

If you'd like to skip renting a car during your time in Diamante, or you only want to rent for a day or two, taxis are a very reliable option to consider instead.  Everything about this service would make it recommendable spare one thing:  the high prices.  

Taxi Companies

Taking a taxi in Diamante is considered by many to be a joy.  With around 80 percent of all taxis on the street made by Mercedes-Benz, reports are that the seating is comfortable, the ride is smooth, and the experience is worth the often high cost.  The local taxi union has a strong presence on the island, so what you'll find if you arrive through the airport in Fort de France is that public transportation is not allowed on property.  This means you'll have to either rent a car or take a taxi to the nearest bus stop even all the way to your accommodations.  The drive takes around 40 minutes, so things can quickly add up.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The biggest complaint that tourists have about the taxis in Diamante is that the price is high.  To get a ride from the airport it could easily cost over $100(USD), plus a tip.  All of the taxis on the island are metered, which is an important tip to be aware of.  If you get into a cab that does not have a meter, or if the driver offers a set price instead of turning it on, chances are you are in an unlicensed vehicles.  It is also important to be aware that after dark trips cost 40 percent extra.  

One of the best ways to save money on a taxi ride if you'll be making multiple stops to do some  is to ask your driver if he or she offers tours.  The price for this service is negotiable, and you could very well spend $50(USD) for a tour that could otherwise cost you double that or more. 

The following chart lists typical taxi rates for the area.

Typical Fares Around Diamante
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 43.00 - $ 59.50 Diamant Ste. Luce
$ 109.25 - $ 122.70 Diamant Basse-Pointe
$ 38.75 - $ 53.50 Trois Ilets Diamant
$ 81.75 - $ 115.00 Fort De France Diamant
$ 85.30 - $ 95.75 Diamant Sainte Marie
$ 67.00 - $ 94.00 Diamant Le Marin
$ 29.00 - $ 39.50 Diamant Riviere Salee
$ 20.00 - $ 22.50 Diamant Trois Ilets
$ 42.65 - $ 47.90 Diamant Sainte-Anne
$ 25.75 - $ 35.25 Diamant Grand Anse D'Arlet
$ 38.65 - $ 43.40 Diamant Aimé Césaire Airport
$ 59.50 - $ 83.00 Aimé Césaire Airport Diamant

Some people arrive in Diamante with the thought that they'll simply take a taxi everywhere they need to go and fail to do any research before hand.  These people are generally caught off-guard when they see just how much the service costs.  Having this information before hand makes a huge difference in how you'll work your budget, and even whether or not you'll choose to hail a cab at all. 


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