Diamante Transportation

Maximize your Diamante getaway by knowing which transportation options work for you

A quiet beach town best known for being home to Diamond Rock, Diamante is where visitors go to get away from the typical resort crowds.  Although this town benefits from the same transportation options available to the rest of Martinique, public transportation may not be so easy to come by making it important to know what it available to you in advance of your trip.

Air Travel

Aimé Césaire Airport is located in Fort de France, which is somewhere around 40 minutes away from Diamante. Flights are easily arranged to the island if you're willing to make a connection, however, if you can leave from Paris, Miami, or Montreal you'll be able to fly direct.  Get information about which airlines fly into Martinique by clicking here


Martinique is very well known for its great sailing conditions, and many people arrive with hopes of spending as much time out on the water as possible.  You can sail yourself from international waters with very little trouble, charter a boat when you arrive, or sign up for a day trip that involves some amount of sailing.  Review all of your sailing and boating options by clicking here


Cruising through the Caribbean becomes more and more popular every year, and although Diamante does not have a cruise port of its own, there are two in Fort de France.  If you've got interest in visiting Diamond Rock and the that are popular in this town, you can easily make plans to visit during your day ashore on Martinique. 

Rental Cars

In order to make the most of your Diamante getaway, renting a car is the recommended form of ground transportation.  You can pick up your rental from the airport, find a local agency to rent from, or have the vehicle delivered to you at your hotel.  You will have to be over the age of 21 and have a valid driver's license.  Find out more, including what local road conditions are like, here


In Diamante, taxis are metered, so the price you pay will depend on how far you travel.  But make no mistake about it, it is expensive to use this service and many people are turned off by the fact that it is rare to ride for less than $25(USD).  Get a full list of rates and learn more about the service by reading our guide to Taxis in Diamante.


In Diamante, the buses are minibuses called Taxi Collectifs.  You'll tell them apart from other vehicles on the street by checking out the license plate which has the letters “TC” at the start of the tag, or the side door which lists its route.  There are not a lot of buses that travel through Diamante, but you can get here from Fort de France for just under six Euros. 


Currently, there is no ferry service that offers transportation to and from Diamante.  Up in Fort de France, however, you can travel around the bay making stops in Pointe du Bout, Anse Mitan, Anse a L'an, and Trois Ilets throughout the day for under $7(USD) a trip.  There is also an international ferry service for those who plan to some island-hopping that can get you to Dominica, St. Lucia, and Guadeloupe.

Whether you have plans to spend your days exploring every last site you can get in or simply relaxing on the beach, knowing the transportation options available to aid you in making the most of your getaway is key.


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