Hotels in Dickenson Bay

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Whether you're looking for a hotel with multiple floors that offers a sweeping view of the bay, or your goal is to find a suit with every luxury you can imagine, the properties in Dickenson Bay are so varied that you'll easily find something that fulfills your every desire.

Hotels In and Around Dickenson Bay

Sandals Antigua Caribbean Village & Spa

There are multiple categories of hotels to choose from in and around the area, including at least a few hotels and a pair of resorts. Guests hoping to enjoy an entertaining bar scene will find just that at a couple hotels around Dickenson Bay. Click on their names to read additional info.

Travelers hoping to book their stay in Dickenson Bay should consider accommodations like Siboney Beach Club. Set amidst one of the most well-kept gardens in all of Antigua is Siboney Beach Club. The club is an intimate and romantic suite hotel overlooking Dickenson Bay; the perfect getaway for couples. If you want to call before making reservations, do so at (268) 462-0806.

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For travelers seeking a peaceful vacation away from the kids, think about booking an adults-only location, such as Villas at Sunset Lane. As the number one rated all-inclusive boutique hotel on the island, this property is a highly sought after vacation destination. Set on a hill overlooking one of Antigua's most scenic beaches, this is an intimate spot that advertises itself as adults only. You'll find them on Sunset Lane.

Another property worth considering available is Trade Winds Hotel. Each room has a private balcony and a phenomenal ocean view. The Deluxe Rooms feature a queen bed, sleeping one or two adults. Guests will find them on J. Hadeed Street.

More details about lots of hotel possibilities are summarized in the following table.

Hotels Around Dickenson Bay
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Anchorage Inn Hotel (268) 462-4065


1.3 mi. South of Central Dickenson Bay
Buccaneer Beach Club Hotel (268) 562-6785


Central Dickenson Bay
Dickenson Bay Cottages Cottages (268) 462-4940


0.2 mi. East of Central Dickenson Bay
Sandals Antigua Caribbean Village & Spa Resort (268) 462-0267


0.1 mi. East-Northeast of Central Dickenson Bay
Siboney Beach Club Hotel (268) 462-0806


Central Dickenson Bay
Starfish Halcyon Cove Resort (268) 462-0256


0.3 mi. Northeast of Central Dickenson Bay
Trade Winds Hotel Hotel (268) 462-1223


0.4 mi. East of Central Dickenson Bay
Villas at Sunset Lane Hotel (268) 562-7791


Central Dickenson Bay

Keep in mind that Dickenson Bay has many other property types to consider. For a more comprehensive look at other kinds of accommodations for Dickenson Bay, navigate to this page.


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