Natural Attractions in Dickenson Bay

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Although natural beauty is clearly evident no matter where you look in Dickenson Bay, many visitors make it a point to get out and spend time outdoors during their trip.  If hiking and exploring natural attractions is important to you, you'll want to make plans to do so outside of this area, because many of the top related spots require a small amount of travel.

Parks and Botanical Gardens

Attractions Map

Visitors can spend some time in either of two parks, as well as a botanical garden nearby.

If you'd like to see some beautiful tropical vegetation, consider visiting Victoria Park, which is located within St. John's, 2.7 mi. South of central Dickenson Bay. Originally established in 1888, the gardens offer visitors a quiet escape from the crowds of St. Johns and Dickenson Bay. Among the flowers and trees, you will be able to relax and take a break from more active adventures.

Another attraction in this category is Monk's Hill Park. Fortified in 1689, Monk's Hill is home to the ruins of the long since abandoned Fort George. While this impressive fort was once the place of refuge for the town's residents during threats of French invasion, it now blends into the landscape and is overgrown with weeds.

The parks and gardens available are shown directly below.

Parks and Gardens Near Dickenson Bay
Name Type Location
Detour Bike Trails Park 7.8 mi. South of Central Dickenson Bay
Monk's Hill Park Park 10.1 mi. South-Southeast of Central Dickenson Bay
Victoria Park Botanical Garden 2.7 mi. South of Central Dickenson Bay

Of course, you will find plenty of other attraction types available too. For more information about other attractions, read this article.


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