Dickenson Bay Transportation Options

Transportation to and around Dickenson Bay is completely up to you

A quiet section of the large St. Johns area of Antigua, Dickenson Bay is a great place to go and relax by the sea. Most people arrive by plane and rent a car to get around, but there are numerous other ways to get from place to place.

Getting There

Travel to Dickenson Bay is not limited to flying by plane; sailing is a possibility as well. There are several options for tourists to choose from, including arriving via ferry, sailing a private water crafts, or making a stop as part of a Caribbean cruise.

Getting Around

Thanks to the lack of a local bus system, your only real options for getting around Dickenson Bay is to rent a car or hire a taxi. Fortunately, both come highly recommended.

Air Travel

Located 15 minutes away from Dickenson Bay in St. Johns is V.C. Bird International Airport (ANC). This is a mid-sized airport with a decent amount of regular air traffic with many major international airlines, usually featuring a connecting flight in Puerto Rico or St. Maarten depending on where you are traveling from.

As you begin planning your flight to Antigua, take a look at the charts on this page, which offer important details about the commercial airlines that regularly make the trip to the island. This will make it easier on you as you try to decide where to look for flights to book.


As with much of the Caribbean, Antigua has a rich history of sailing and maritime culture. Dickenson Bay is one of the hotspots of this tradition, and visitors will have no problems finding excursions, charters,and or boat rentals in the area. Those sailing their own vessel will also find a plethora of services awaiting them. This page will provide you with more useful information.


Dickenson Bay, not far from the cruise terminal in St. Johns is often visited by those who have arrived on the island via cruiseship. After docking, tourists are free to deboard and either participate in a cruise sponsored excursion or head off on their own, and a quick taxi ride is all you need to spend a day here. Cruises offered by Carnival, Disney, MSC Italian, COSTA, and Princess often make their way to Antigua.

Rental Cars

The low cost of a rental car in Dickenson Bay makes it easy to see why it is such a popular option. For anywhere between $30 and $50(USD) a day, you'll have your own vehicle at your beck and call any time of the day or night and you never have to wait around for a driver to come and pick you up. Like every option, there are downsides, like the fact that the road conditions are not that great. Click here to read more about the Dickenson Bay rental cars you will be able to use.


...tourists feel comfortable...


Most tourists feel comfortable with the taxis in Dickenson Bay because they are so well regulated and they use set rates rather than a meter for fare prices. This way, you'll be able to get into the vehicle and always know how much you'll pay – with a few added costs here and there like a charge for luggage if there are more than four pieces, and a charge if the driver has to wait on you to run an errand or get out and explore a site. Always make sure you confirm the price before the driver takes off, and you should never be surprised by how much you're asked to pay when you arrive at your destination. Learn more here.


Dickenson Bay's visitors have two main ferry services to be aware of. The first is the Montserrat Ferry which allow for day trips between Antigua and the island of Montserrat. Travel time is two hours each way, making an international day trip a feasible option, especially when you consider the cost is comparable or less expensive than flying. Day trips to Antigua's smaller sister island of Barbuda are also possible with the Barbuda Express. If you're considering making use of the seemingly endless waters that surround Dickenson Bay and Antigua as one of your main forms of transportation, you can learn more about it here.

With transportation options that span air, land, and sea, you'll find that you'll never be left without a way to get around Dickenson Bay.


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