Dominica Accomodation Options

Travelers will find a number of options when it's time to choose accommodations

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Dominica has carefully controlled its development, ensuring that the natural scenery and unspoiled terrain that make this island so captivating remain intact. While tourists will not find grand and luxurious all-inclusive resorts, there are a number of peaceful, secluded getaway spots to choose from.


Accommodations Map

The city of Roseau is the largest on the island, and is especially busy during the day time. Due to the large volume of tourists who visit the area, this is also where you will find the highest concentration of lodging options, mostly hotels like Fort Young Hotel, Garraway Hotel, and Sutton Place Hotel.

Portsmouth is another popular city on Dominica, more so with naturalists than your basic tourist. Its location on the bay, between the Indian River and Cabrits National Park, vacationers drawn to this area of the island are typically diving, fishing, and hiking. Portsmouth Beach Hotel and Coconut Beach Hotel are two such options.

To learn more about Dominica's layout, visit our Map of Dominica. Here you will find an image of the topography of the island, as well as further details on attractions, accommodations, and transportation.


Calibishie Cove

Guests will find many types of accommodations to choose from on the island, including two bed & breakfasts and one resort. If you're envisioning yourself taking in some sun next to the pool, there are some properties to pick from with excellent swimming facilities. Click on their names to read additional information.

A popular destination which has on-site recreation is Fort Young Hotel. Guests will enjoy a restful night’s sleep in the quiet, clean, and comfortable guestrooms. Each of the guestrooms is ideal for both business and leisure travellers and appointed with a range of quality amenities including air-conditioning, ceiling fans, direct dial telephones, cable TV, Wi-Fi and wired Internet access, a well-appointed bathroom, a terrace or balcony with the most dramatic sea and sunset views you can imagine, and comfortable furnishings. You will find them on Victoria Street.

One destination on the oceanfront that merits consideration is Hotel Portsmouth Beach. Portsmouth Beach Hotel is an informal and relaxing place which can be used as the ideal base from which to participate in any of the many adventures offered on the island, all of which can be arranged for you by the team of friendly and helpful staff, all waiting the pleasure to share their Dominica with their guests. If you want to call before you go, you can do so at (767) 445-5142.

If you are seeking to find a property with a good bar scene, Anchorage Hotel and Dive Centre is one location you may want to consider. Each of the luxuriously appointed guestrooms at Anchorage Hotel and Dive Centre offers superior amenities like sumptuously soft duvets, a finely appointed bathroom, complimentary high-speed Internet access, refrigerator, and satellite TV. If you'd like to call in advance, do so at (767) 448-2638.

Luckily, you can find a wider range of choices too. Click here to find our page regarding hotels on Dominica.

Condos and Villa Complexes

There are non-standard hotel lodging possibilities on the island, which include quite a few condominiums and a villa complex.

Guests hoping to stay on Dominica should consider accommodations like Dominica's Sea View Apartment. Located near the Calibishie Coast, Dominica Sea View is an unpretentious spot for tourists looking to experience the real Dominica, rather than a resort's overpriced version of it. Stay in a lovely space with a view that is to die for when you book a room at this spot. The property can be found on Main Road .

OhLaLa Villas is a property worth considering on Dominica. OhLaLa features a collection of spacious villas that come equipped with private bathrooms, full kitchens, flat screen televisions, and air conditioning. Each villa comfortably sleeps four guests. You can contact them at (767) 446-1283.

Caribbean Sea View Holiday Apartments is another property worth considering. Although there are a few amenities that come standard like air conditioning, cable television, and WiFi internet, each unit is slightly different from the next. Seat Breeze is a two bedroom apartment set on the top floor, Moonlight is a two bedroom apartment which has the best view, and Sunset is a one bedroom on the ground floor. Visitors will be able to find them on Mero Hill Road.

Dominica includes a nice selection of villa complexes. Click on this link to read our extended discussion of these types of accommodations on the island.

Camping and Eco-Tourism

Jungle Bay Resort & Spa

Nature lovers and their families might want to take a look at the selection of eco-tourist options offered to them on the island.

Jungle Bay Resort & Spa is one property found within southeastern Dominica. Hidden in the growths of Cedar, Galba, and Gomier trees is a collection of cottages that make up the lodgings at Jungle Bay Resort & Spa. Each cottages offers guests their choice of one king-sized or two double beds, a comfortable sitting area, a private outdoor shower, a mini-refrigerator, and a patio with swinging hammocks. The property is located on Off Delices Main Road.

An excellent option for vacationers hoping to find accommodations on Dominica is Papillote Wilderness Retreat. Located near the small village of Trafalgar and the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Papillote Wilderness Retreat offers guests one of the premier eco-tourism experiences. The inn, which features ten acres of tropical gardens, takes advantage of the awe-inspiring natural environment Dominican Republic, all the while incorporating the comfort of a tropical vacation.

Nature enthusiasts can find a variety of different local eco-lodges on the island, including Hotel the Champs. Located on the idyllic Caribbean island of Dominica, Hotel the Champs sits atop a hill overlooking Prince Rupert Bay and the city of Portsmouth. This award-winning, eco-friendly hotel was voted accommodation of the year in 2009 because of its outstanding services and facilities. Guests can reach them at (767) 445-4452.

Fortunately, you can find other choices too. Take advantage of this article concerning these types of properties if you want to find out more details.

Individual Villas

Some people favor the luxury offered by one of the many privately rented villas. Anyone needing to learn more about the private rental properties on Dominica here.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Sunset Bay Club Hotel

Some visitors love the simplicity of an all-inclusive price. There are many reasons why these plans are successful. Among other reasons, they provide a simple way to totally relax without having to think about money.

Visitors hoping to book their stay on Dominica will be interested in opportunities like Sunset Bay Club Hotel. Guests from around the world have stayed with Sunset Bay Club Hotel since the hotel opened in 1997, and return visitors are the norm. Whatever your needs, the staff at Sunset Bay strive to provide, and make your stay so unforgettable that you choose them during your next trip to Dominica.

An excellent option for travelers hoping to book accommodations on Dominica is Pagua Bay House. One of the newest hotels on Dominica, Pagua Bay House is an upscale boutique that mixes rustic style with modern amenities to create a space that is both stylish and relaxing. If you are looking for something specific and want to call in advance, do so at (767) 445-8888.

If you want to get more information on properties offering this option, go to this page.

Personal Considerations

As you try to locate the perfect accommodations for you and your travel companions, there are a number of factors to consider – from finding a hotel that will have enough room for you, to how long you'll stay on Dominica. Click here to read more about planning your trip to Dominica.

Number of People Traveling

The number of people you travel with, as well as the type of group you have will determine some of your accommodation needs. Large groups will need more space, and will find it cheaper to rent a villa or find a location that specializes in suites, rather than reserving multiple hotel rooms at one location.

If you are traveling with a smaller family, you may still want to be on the lookout for a specialized location – one that offers special amenities for children. There are plenty of locales that have babysitting services, kids clubs, and fun activities for families to participate in together. Some of the island's family-friendly locales include Castaways Beach Hotel and Rosseau Valley Hotel. More properties rated best for families can be found by clicking here.

Adults traveling without children may want to keep their interaction with the younger generation at a minimum. These vacationers will prefer to find a hotel that discourages children from staying with them. Likewise, couples may want to find an intimate location where romance is highlighted. Jungle Bay Escape has romantic accommodations for guests who dream of truly getting away from it all.


Dominica has a number of resorts that specialize in diving. This means that daily trips to popular dive shops are included in the cost of your stay. These accommodations include Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center. Some guests like to choose accommodations near their planned activities, and attractions they'd like to see. So guests who want to shop and visit landmarks will want to choose a hotel in Roseau, while nature-lovers will be happier in Portsmouth. Likewise, there are properties which are best for entertainment and nightlife.

Length of Stay

The longer your trip to Dominica, the more carefully you will want to choose your lodgings. If you are planning an extended stay, you will likely be more comfortable in a rental property that feels like home. Weekend to week-long trips will be fine at a hotel.

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Star Ratings measure the quality of each location, allowing vacationers to know what to expect from their accommodations at a glance. The prices within each rating are so broad and varied, that you can find multiple options within your budget.

One and Two Stars

With a 1 Star property, you can expect to find the hotel to be managed and owned by the same person. This makes for a smaller facility, but perhaps more personalized care. Dominica's 1 Star properties include 3 Rivers Eco Lodge and Sea Cliff Cottages.

Hotels rated at 2 stars can be small to medium sized, but the rooms themselves remain on the smaller end of the spectrum. The property may be locally owned, or a part of a small chain. Amenities will still be minimal, but the service will be slightly better than a 1 Star. Dominica's 2 Star properties include Zandolli Inn, Beau River, Tamarind Tree Hotel and Restaurant, and Evergreen Hotel.

Three Stars

Now becoming more specious, 3 stars properties are a great choice for many vacationers, because they fall right in the middle. Not too fancy, but not lacking either. These properties will typically include nice amenities, nice appointments, room service, and excellent service. Dominica's 3 Star properties include Calabishie Lodge and Papilote Wilderness Retreat.

Four Stars

Rooms rated with 4 stars tend to be large, with above-average amenities and service. These rooms will be beautifully decorated, kept impeccably clean, and have a few extras, like perhaps a mini bar or a flat screen television. Dominica's 4 Star properties includes Rosalie Bay Nature Resort.

Five Stars

There is no better choice than a property rated with 5 stars. These properties have spacious rooms, luxury amenities, comfortable linens, lovely décor, top-of-the-line service, and plenty of extras included in the price. Dominica's 5 Star properties includes Silks.

One of the benefits of visiting Dominica is that accommodation costs are much lower than most islands in the Caribbean. The small hotels and cottages nestled in unpretentious towns or in the forests and mountains of Dominica offer peace and seclusion at a low price.


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