The Best Accommodations for Nightlife on Dominica

Enjoy Nighttime Entertainment at Many Hotels in Aruba

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Dominica offers sunshine, amazing ocean views, and historical sites you can't miss, but at night you'll feel the atmosphere come alive in a different way. Whether you're hoping to find a popular disco or a sultry spot to sip wine, you won't run out of things to do in the evening, especially if you select a hotel where they offer bars, shows, and more.

Accommodations Map

The hotels included in these tables are worth considering if you want to do more than just star gaze in the evenings. Some are known for keeping their guests entertained on the premises, while others have fewer on-site options but plenty of fun venues within walking distance.

Dominica Accommodations with the Best Entertainment

Accommodations in the following table are top rated for their outstanding entertainment and nightlife, or for being near popular late-night venues. Starting with the Fort Young Hotel, the best are listed first; the ratings were created based on a number of factors, including the hotels' on-site and nearby shows, bars, lounges, and more.

Considering that live performances are practically the staple of hotel nightlife, the table includes availability of entertainment at the hotels. Of course, hotels on Dominica are known to offer entertainment less frequently during the off season, so be sure to call or email the property for more information if live shows are already written on your agenda.

Best Overall
Property Location Number of Bars Lounge/Club Live Entertainment
Fort Young Hotel Downtown Roseau 2 check check
Castle Comfort Lodge 1.4 mi. South-Southeast of Roseau 1 check check
Anchorage Hotel and Dive Centre Wall House 1 check check
Hotel the Champs 1.6 mi. South of Portsmouth 1 check check
Hibiscus Valley Inn 2.2 mi. South of Marigot 1 check check
Evergreen Hotel 1.4 mi. South-Southeast of Roseau 1 check check
Secret Bay Resort 2.5 mi. South-Southwest of Portsmouth 1 check check
Ophelia Guest House 2.0 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau 0 check

Click the name of the hotel you're interested in to see pages dedicated to different aspects of that property. Each of these accommodation options has a different idea about what it takes to relax and let loose. These detailed hotel pages let you know all aspects of the property before you ever arrive.

Hotels on Dominica with Great Nearby Entertainment Options

When the sun goes down and everyone heads out for the night, you might appreciate a hotel that's just a short walk from hangouts like bars and clubs. Though these hotels may not have live shows or popular bars and lounges of their own, they are right in the middle of neighborhoods full of choices. Whether your ideal night includes lounging at a comfortable bar or just watching the sunset with an icy cocktail, these properties are within a 10-minute walk or quick taxi ride of several exciting venues.

Click to learn more about the hotels and resorts below, and all the fun options they're near, like restaurants, beaches, and attractions.

Best for Nearby Nightlife
Property Location Accommodation Type Bars Within Walking Distance Bars Within Short Driving Distance
Zandoli Inn 7.6 mi. Southeast of Roseau Hotel 1 1
Roots Jungle Retreat 2.5 mi. South of Marigot B & B 2 3
Pagua Bay House 0.7 mi. Southeast of Marigot Cottages 1 3
Domcan's Guest House Castle Bruce Guest house 1 1
Mermaid's Secret 8.7 mi. Northeast of Roseau Cottages 1 2
St. James Guesthouse Roseau Guest house 2 8

You can also jump to another article, like those covering Dominica, and more. All things considered, there's fun to be had besides simply bar hopping and partying. You'll also want a place to retire to each night that offers all of the amenities that matter to you, with a good balance between popularity and secludedness.


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