The Best Accommodations for Nightlife on Dominica

Enjoy Nighttime Entertainment at Many Hotels in Aruba

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Dominica has a stunning setting and plenty to do by day, but at night you'll feel the atmosphere come alive in a different way. Though it might be hard to decide between a lively lounge or a romantic nightclub, you won't run low on evening activities, particularly if you choose a resort that offers entertainment and late-night lounges.

Accommodations Map

The properties listed here are some of the best options if you want to do more than just star gaze in the evenings. Some are better known for on-site entertainment options, while others have fewer on-site options but plenty of fun venues within walking distance.

Best Hotels on Dominica for Nightlife

Accommodations in the following table are rated as having outstanding nightlife and entertainment, or as having superb nearby options when it comes to these amenities. Starting with the top ranked Fort Young Hotel, consider these the best options for night owls; the rankings were created based on a number of factors, including the hotels' on-site and nearby bars, lounges, live entertainment, and more.

Considering that everyone loves a good live performance, we've listed the availability of entertainment frequency at the hotels. However, hotels on Dominica are known to host entertainment more frequently during the tourist season, so be sure to call the hotel for their schedule if it's important to you.

Best Overall
Property Location Number of Bars Lounge/Club Live Entertainment
Fort Young Hotel Downtown Roseau 2 check check
Castle Comfort Lodge 1.4 mi. South-Southeast of Roseau 1 check check
Anchorage Hotel and Dive Centre Wall House 1 check check
Hotel the Champs 1.6 mi. South of Portsmouth 1 check check
Evergreen Hotel 1.4 mi. South-Southeast of Roseau 1 check check
Hibiscus Valley Inn 2.2 mi. South of Marigot 1 check check
Secret Bay Resort 2.5 mi. South-Southwest of Portsmouth 1 check check
Ophelia Guest House 2.0 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau 0 check
Faith Cottages 0.8 mi. Northwest of Marigot 1 check

Click on the resort or hotel that appeals to you and you'll find pages of information about that property, including photos and descriptions. Each of these accommodation options has a different ambiance and its own unique features to be proud of. Our detailed hotel articles can help you make a decision you're happy with.

Cover all other aspects of your vacation and browse other articles in our guide. You could learn something about Dominica, and more. Despite the appeal of late-night reveling, your getaway is about so much more than just sipping cocktails or unwinding at local bars. You'll want to pick a hotel, resort, or even villa that has a great selection of amenities, and the perfect balance between relaxing and thrilling activities.


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