Dominica All Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts are few and far between on Dominica

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Sunset Bay Club Hotel

Because of its sparse rocky beaches and its absence of luxurious amenities, Dominica remains one of the least-visited tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

Most vacationers who visit this beautiful eco-paradise are drawn to its vivid, unspoiled nature and uncrowded accommodations. The majority of the island's lodgings are rustic and don't have the razzle-dazzle appeal of more popular Caribbean vacation spots. Very few all-inclusive hotels operate on the island.

The appeal of all-inclusive resorts is that they provide vacationers with all available amenities at one final cost. These types of accommodations are usually large resorts and hotels, popular in tourist hot-spots and high-traffic vacation areas specializing in glamorous lodgings. You will not find mega-resorts and luxurious hotels on Dominica; the island is known more for its simple countryside charm. Most travelers come to Dominica to get away from crowded areas and have a tranquil experience in nature, so the island's accommodations are accordingly geared toward eco tourism.

Accommodations Map

Some visitors prefer the reassurance of an all-inclusive price. There are many explanations why these plans are popular. For instance, they offer a hassle-free way of planning a vacation. Click their names to see and compare their dining options, activities, and amenities.

Manicou River is one property of this type located within northern Dominica. The accommodations are built up from red and white cedar, and bursting with unique designs like handblown glass sinks. The cabins have an over all rustic and homey feel, plus, offer plenty of relaxing features like a hammock on the balcony and a comfortable king-sized bed. Customers can contact them at (767) 616-8903.

A good option for those hoping to book accommodations on Dominica is Hiker's Retreat. Owners Carol and Mike opened Hiker's Retreat to serve as an oasis for tourists looking for a place to get away from their busy daily lives and immerse themselves in the bountiful nature that surrounds on Dominica. At Hiker's Retreat, you are not just another body, but a personal guest who receives personalized treatments down to the guided hikes organized to your specific interests and goals. If you have questions, call them at (767) 446-1076.

Roots Jungle Retreat is another property to consider. So far off the grid that there is no electricity available, Roots Jungle Retreat truly allows guests to get back to nature, refresh their minds, and let the peace and quiet dictate their getaway. The property is situated at 1 Bamboo Road.

The following chart lists more details on the all-inclusive properties serving the island.

All-Inclusive Accommodations On Dominica
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Hiker's Retreat Lodge (767) 446-1076


1.0 mi. Northeast of Central Grand Fond
Manicou River Eco resort (767) 616-8903


1.4 mi. South of Central Clifton
Pagua Bay House Cottages (767) 612-6068


0.7 mi. Southeast of Central Marigot
Roots Jungle Retreat B & B (767) 275-6000


1.2 mi. South West of Central Waraka
Sunset Bay Club Hotel Resort (767) 317-4282


0.5 mi. South of Central Coulibistrie

While all-inclusive features will usually give you just about the same service anywhere you stay, it's always wise to call ahead and check. When you talk to them, be sure to ask about exactly what is included in the all-inclusive stay.

Adventurous travelers may not be happy staying at an all-inclusive hotel or resort during a stay on Dominica. All-inclusives leave little for you to plan and provide almost all of your vacation needs. Many who stay at these types of resorts do not feel compelled to venture out from the premises of the hotel or spend money on extra activitiesavailable on the island. To some, this can take away from the total vacationing experience of Dominica.

Known as the "Nature Island of the Caribbean," Dominica is an eco-traveler's ideal vacation spot. Because of its natural, rustic appeal, accommodations are not as extravagant as they are on some islands in the Caribbean. If you'd rather not worry about the little things while enjoying a relaxing getaway on Dominica, then all-inclusive accommodations may be the perfect lodgings for you.


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