Boli Falls

These falls flow into a hidden grotto tucked deep in Dominica's southern rain forest. It is in the falls' secluded natural pools that it is rumored mermaids are to dwell.

Everything about Boli Falls is natural. The wild rain forest and natural pools that the water flows into to is sure to bring out the naturist in all.


Boli Falls lies on the island of Dominica, near La Plaine; it is to the east of Roseau.

The best way to reach Boli Falls is through Case O' Gowrie Village, off the main eastern road, Felicite Highway. It is best to plan ahead and hire a guide, or thoroughly study the area, as you should expect taking several hours to hike from the village west to reach the falls. Bring a lot of water and comfortable shoes!

Nearby Restaurants

There are a multitude of restaurants to select from in the neighborhood around this waterfall. The nearest eatery to Boli Falls is Riverside Cafe, which has a menu full of Caribbean meals. Also nearby, you and your party will have options including Breadnut Restaurant and Bar and Zamaan Restaurant where you and your companions might eat some Creole dishes and experience the culture of Dominica.

Nearby Attractions

Those who enjoy waterfalls, and would like to see others, ought to think about Bolive Falls and Sari Sari Falls; both of which are within traveling distance of this page's falls. Other nearby attractions include Citrus Creek Plantation, which is within traveling range near Roseau. Also, you might consider visiting Museum of Rum, which is another attraction not far away.

The waterfall is one type of attraction you can visit, but there's more to visit on Dominica. The following list contains attractions that are nearby.

Attractions Near Boli Falls
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Citrus Creek Plantation -- -- -- 9.3 mi. East of Roseau
Museum of Rum Museum -- -- La Plaine
Glasse Trail Other Attraction -- -- 9.1 mi. East of Roseau
Chemin L'Etang Trail -- -- -- Grand Fond
Morne Trois Pitons National Park -- -- -- 6.3 mi. East of Roseau
Valley of Desolation Other Attraction -- -- 5.9 mi. East of Roseau
Morne Trois Pitons Hiking Trail GeoFeature -- -- 6.4 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Freshwater Lake Hiking Trail GeoFeature -- -- 5.3 mi. Northeast of Roseau

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Location: Dominica


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