Dominica Buses

Private minivans provide bus service to locations throughout Dominica

Photo Credit: © Anthony Quintano CC BY

Fortunately and unlike some Caribbean islands, Dominica has a fairly reliable public transportation system that allows travelers who are doing limited touring of the island to move from place to place fairly inexpensively.

Bus Routes

Privately owned minivans, which may hold up to 15 passengers, provide the public bus transportation on Dominica. The primary use for these buses is transportation to and from the capital of Roseau  to other destinations on the island. Pickup areas in Roseau include the Old Market and the area between the East and West Bridge, though travelers can simply flag down a bus in other locations to catch a ride.

These vans should be easily recognizable by their colorful decorations and their license plates, which should begin with the letter "H." Buses run from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and are most widely available Monday through Saturday. This inexpensive transportation system is widely utilized by the residents of Dominica. Fares can range from $1.50(EC) up to $10.25(EC). These fares can add up quickly if traveling with a family to a number of locations, but couples may find buses to be the most cost-efficient method of transportation. Below is a sample list of bus fares from Roseau to other destinations on Dominica.

Sample Bus Fares from Roseau
DestinationFare (EC$)
Canefield $2.00
Carib Area $9.50
Grand Bay $4.50
Laudat $3.50
Marigot $9.50
Pointe Michel $2.00
Portsmouth $8.00
Scott's Head $4.00

Buses can be ideal for travelers who will not be doing extensive touring around the island. Although travelers must sacrifice some freedom and flexibility in order to follow the bus schedule, the reliability and cost of this form of transportation makes it a highly appealing option for travelers. Since driving conditions can be quite unfamiliar in foreign countries, vacationers may prefer to utilize services such as buses and taxis in order to avoid having to drive.Rental cars will require travelers to brave the roads of Dominica while also paying for a local driver's license, daily rental car rate, and collision damage insurance. Unless travelers will be frequently moving from location to location throughout the day, car rentals will not be the most cost-efficient to move about the island. Bus travelers on Dominica can use bus service to travel inexpensively to locations in the far north or south of the island, such as Calibishie or Scott's Head Village, or visitors may use the buses to reach more remote locations such as Laudat.

Dominica's privately owned minivan buses provide transportation to many locations around the island and do not cost an arm and a leg to use. With reasonable fares and easy access, buses enable travelers to save money while they see many different areas of Dominica.


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