Clothing and Attire on Dominica

Local dress customs should not be hard to follow during a visit to Dominica

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Dominica Clothing

Visitors on Dominica will need to pack their luggage full of clothing and attire that will allow them to dress appropriately during both their active days and casual nights. Grand opportunities for hiking and eco-tourism mean that travelers should pack plenty of active wear.

Dominica does not boast the region's finest beaches, but it is a destination that calls to Caribbean travelers who are interested in exploring activities amid the tropical landscape. Still, there are several volcanic and white-sand beaches on Dominica, and snorkeling and world-class scuba diving are both popular activities. Although beaches are not the primary draw, visitors should still pack swim wear and beach clothing in order to enjoy the coastline at places such as Champagne or Purple Beach.


Active wear will also be a necessity, as Dominica's more than 300 miles of trails boast some of the best hiking in all of the Caribbean. Visitors can take a hike to a serene waterfall or the island's unique boiling lake. In order to enjoy this form of physical exploration, travelers should pack sturdy and comfortable hiking boots that will provide good traction on the dirt and rock inclines. Travelers may also wish to pack other articles of hiking gear, such as long pants and, in particular, bug spray. Mountainous regions of the island receive heavy annual rainfall, meaning travelers should consider packing rain gear for their time on Dominica. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are useful for protecting vacationers from the strong Caribbean sun whether on the beach or in the mountains.

Conforming to the general rule of the Caribbean, however, beachwear, active wear, and revealing clothing should not be worn in areas such as shops, restaurants, streets, and towns. These articles of clothing should be reserved for the beach or the pool. There are no nude beaches on Dominica. Dominican evenings can be cooler, especially at higher altitudes. Light sweaters and jackets can help keep travelers warm during these colder nights. Shorts are typically acceptable during the day, but in the evening, diners should plan to wear dressier trousers with a button-down or collared shirt or a casual dress. Travelers should avoid tight-fitting clothing that can become hot and should choose light fabrics that breathe, such as cotton and linen.

Overwhelmingly, travelers should concentrate on being both comfortable and neat while in public on Dominica. Beachwear and active wear, however, are equally important items to pack. Without these, travelers will miss much of what Dominica has to offer.


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