Coco Cascades

This pair of little waterfalls offer a contrast to some of the more mighty ones in the area. An easy hike's distance, it is a good choice for those short on time or with small children.

Two small flows make up Coco Cascades, and while they may not be big and mighty like other on the island, the small size allows hikers to get right under them for a unique and exotic experience, complete with a rain forest setting.


Located in Rosalie, in the same area as Grand Fond, Coco Cascades always welcomes travelers who are rooming in or close to this neighborhood. Whether or not you are staying very close, you should consider dropping by to check it out. If you're curious, Roseau is to the west-southwest.

These falls are located in Newfoundland Estate, part of Three Rivers Eco Lodge just to the west of Rosalie. From the main area it is an easy hour long hike to reach the falls, a nice alternative to the more intense hikes in the area.

Nearby Restaurants

There are a multitude of eateries to choose from in the area immediately near Coco Cascades. Zamaan Restaurant, which has a menu full of Creole food, is also the closest restaurant to the waterfall. Breadnut Restaurant and Bar and Riverside Cafe are some of the additional restaurant choices nearby. At Riverside Cafe you and your companions might try out Caribbean cuisine and enjoy the local foods and culture of Dominica.

Nearby Attractions

Those who are a fan of waterfalls, and would like to see others, should check out The Space Mountain Falls and Aba Ravine Cyrique; both of which are within a car's reach of this waterfall. Other types of nearby activities include Chemin L'Etang Trail, which is within driving range in Grand Fond. You might also want to think about heading to Citrus Creek Plantation, which is another attraction close by.

With a selection of nearby activities, you'll never run low on things to do. The closest attractions are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Coco Cascades
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Chemin L'Etang Trail -- -- -- Grand Fond
Citrus Creek Plantation -- -- -- 9.3 mi. East of Roseau
Museum of Rum Museum -- -- La Plaine
Morne Trois Pitons Hiking Trail GeoFeature -- -- 6.4 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Morne Trois Pitons National Park -- -- -- 6.3 mi. East of Roseau
Freshwater Lake Hiking Trail GeoFeature -- -- 5.3 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Valley of Desolation Other Attraction -- -- 5.9 mi. East of Roseau
Glasse Trail Other Attraction -- -- 9.1 mi. East of Roseau

More Information

Location: Rosalie, Dominica


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