All About Crime on Dominica

Although crime rates are relatively low, travelers should be cautious on vacation

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Dominica Crime

Thankfully, Dominica does not suffer from an overwhelming crime rate, and most tourists on the island should remain safe by taking minor precautions during their vacation. Nevertheless, crime has increased in recent years, and travelers should always stay alert when in a foreign country.

Unsuspecting travelers are often singled out in foreign countries as tourists and are more likely to fall victim to a crime. Popular items criminals seek include cash, credit cards, jewelry, electronics, and passports. Travelers should be particularly careful with their passports because they are very popular among thieves. The loss of a passport should be immediately reported to local law enforcement officials as well as to the nearest embassy or consular agent. The local emergency number on Dominica for ambulance, police, and fire is 999.


Petty crimes are the most commonly reported incidents. Theft of valuables, such as credit cards and cash, does occur. Travelers should always take measures to protect themselves and their belongings. Never leave valuables unattended on the beach or in public. Make use of hotel safety deposit boxes and store valuables that you leave behind at the hotel. Unattended cars in remote areas near hiking spots and other eco-destinations are easily targeted, so travelers should not leave valuables behind, even if the car is locked. Avoid flashing large sums of cash, credit cards, jewelry, or other valuables while in public. Travel packs that allow you to conceal cash and credit cards in pouches underneath your clothing can be useful in preventing theft. Vacationers may also wish to divide their valuables among a number of people. Another common-sense procedure travelers can take is to stay away from unlit and deserted areas in the evening.

Dominica is considered to be a minor producer of cannabis, and this and other illegal drugs are grown and sold on the island. Despite the presence of these substances, travelers should remember that the possession or use of even the smallest amount of illegal drugs on Dominica is punishable by long jail times.

Although Dominica does struggle with the problems of petty theft, burglary, and drugs, travelers will stay safe on the island by taking the same precautions they would take when traveling to any foreign country.


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