Eco Tourism Accommodations on Dominica

Despite an absence of campsites, Dominica is full of eco-friendly pursuits

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Dominica's wonderfully rich natural habitats and wildlife make the island an ideal destination for eco-conscious travelers. Although the Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the Caribbean's eco-tourist hot spots, camping is not allowed in natural parks and reserves. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for camping outside of these protected areas and eco-friendly hotels are available for visitors who prefer a more traditional vacation.

Accommodations Map

Camping facilities on Dominica may be somewhat limited, but eco-tourists should not be discouraged from visiting this beautiful natural paradise. The island is full of amazing ecologically orientedactivities that adventurous travelers are sure to love. Dominica's government has a strong desire to attract tourists who are environmentally and ecologically aware, and there are a number of national parks located on the island that feature bountiful mountain trails and other outdoor explorations for travelers to enjoy. Vacationers can schedule guided tours, hiking excursions, and mountain biking adventures at almost every attraction. Tourists can contact the National Parks and Service Forestry Division at 767-448-2401 to receive brochures, booklets, maps, and other information about outdoor activities on Dominica.

One of the island's most accessible natural sites is Trafalgar Falls, located about 8 miles from Roseau. You can view the twin falls from a platform or hike 200 feet under the cascading waters. Inactive volcanic mountain ranges are also located on the island and can provide many exciting excursions. At Morne Trois Pitons National Park, tourists can visit dozens of trails that wind through rainforests full of tropical flowers and plants. Due to the increasing popularity of natural sites such as these, Dominica has had to introduce entrance fees to many of the national parks and sites, including Boeri LakeBoiling Lake, and Cabrits Historical and Marine Park. Single site entry passes cost $2(USD), while day and week passes cost $5(USD) and $10(USD), respectively. The passes are available at rental agencies, tour operators, and the National Parks Forestry Division.

Aquatic pursuits are also popular among eco-tourists, and Dominica offers many activities in the waters around and on the island. Travelers can schedule guided boat tours in places such as the Portsmouth area or cool off in one of the island's refreshing springs after an invigorating hike. Scuba diving has also become a favorite endeavor with visitors to the island. Dominica's waters are full of coral reefs and tropical fish, which make for excellent diving.

Camping and Eco-Tourism On Dominica

Nature lovers and their families will want to consider the opportunities for eco-tourism on the island. Campgrounds are available, or you could book your trip at an eco-resort or lodge. Read more information on each property by clicking on their names.

Hotel the Champs

For night owls wanting a good late-night scene, Hotel the Champs is one destination you may want to think about. Hotel the Champs is on northern part of the island, about a 1-hour drive from the capital of Roseau, and is an excellent base for trips all over Dominica. With a large university nearby, the area around the hotel is filled with lively bars, all types of restaurants and eateries, small shops and services like taxis, rental cars, and travel agencies. If you'd like to call ahead of time, do so at (767) 445-4452.

Citrus Creek Plantation is a property worth considering on Dominica. Located amid 20 acres of private valley and tropical plantation alongside the Taberi River, Citrus Creek Plantation offers both solitude and luxury to guests. Onsite car rentals, tour desks, and a mini market are available for your convenience. Reach them at (767) 446-1234.

Those who love the outdoors will find a selection of different local eco-lodges. including Beau Rive. There are ten guest rooms on the property, each featuring a veranda with an ocean view, a queen-sized bed, and a tea and coffee station. Two of these rooms are individual cottages. You can reach them at (767) 445-8992.

Take a moment to read the following table to learn more.

Eco-Accommodations On Dominica
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
3 Rivers Eco Lodge Lodge (767) 446-1886


1.4 mi. Northeast of Central Grand Fond
Beau Rive Lodge (767) 445-8992


1.0 mi. North-Northeast of Central Castle Bruce
Bell's Campsite Campground (767) 615-7183


1.9 mi. Northeast of Central Trafalgar
Citrus Creek Plantation Lodge (767) 446-1234


0.3 mi. West of Central La Plaine
Cocoa Cottages Eco resort (767) 448-0412


1.9 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown Roseau
Crescent Moon Cabins Lodge --


Central Dominica
Exotica Lodge (767) 448-8839


1.8 mi. North of Central Berekua
Hibiscus Valley Inn Lodge (767) 445-8195


1.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central Waraka
Hiker's Retreat Lodge (767) 446-1076


1.0 mi. Northeast of Central Grand Fond
Hotel the Champs Lodge (767) 445-4452


2.8 mi. North of Central Dublanc
Jungle Bay Resort & Spa Eco resort (767) 446-1789


1.2 mi. South-Southeast of Central Delices
Manicou River Eco resort (767) 616-8903


1.4 mi. South of Central Clifton
Natural Vibes Farm Cottages Lodge (767) 612-8215


1.7 mi. North of Central Castle Bruce
Papillote Wilderness Retreat Lodge --


3.7 mi. Northeast of Central downtown Roseau
Rainforest Shangri-La Resort Lodge (767) 440-5093


3.5 mi. East-Northeast of Central downtown Roseau
Riverbank Farm Campsite Campground (767) 446-4141


0.8 mi. East of Central Berekua
Roxy's Mountain Lodge Lodge (767) 448-4845


1.9 mi. Northeast of Central Trafalgar
Secret Bay Resort Lodge (767) 445-4444


2.2 mi. North of Central Dublanc
Serenity Lodges Dominica Lodge (767) 285-5739


1.1 mi. South West of Central Waraka
Ti Kwen Glo Cho Campsite Campground (767) 440-3162


3.5 mi. East-Northeast of Central downtown Roseau

Keep in mind, Dominica has a wide range of other property types to consider. For a more comprehensive look at other kinds of accommodations for Dominica, read this article.

Travelers who hope to camp on the island will need to put in a little extra work, but should be able to find many satisfying options; those simply seeking exciting outdoor adventures will also quickly realize that Dominica makes the perfect vacation destination for adventurous eco-tourists.


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