Emerald Pool Waterfall

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One of the most popular and well known waterfalls on the island, Emerald Pool has a distinctive green color thanks to the rain forest vegetation around it. The unique appearance has made this waterfall the backdrop of several movies as well as weddings. It is also a location of choice by the cruise ship guests, so it can be crowded at times.

This waterfall and pool is surrounded by a thick rain forest that has turned the water an emerald color, earning it its name, Emerald Pool. The lush canopy of trees surroundings the edges, the open sky directly above, and a small cave behind the pools can give the impression of truly being in the middle of an uncharted island.


Located on the island of Dominica, 0.7 miles northeast of Grand Fond, Emerald Pool Waterfall always welcomes travelers rooming on this part of the island or nearby. Whether or not you are staying particularly close, you should think about stopping by to check it out. It's 8.7 miles east-northeast of Roseau.

Part of the popularity of this waterfall is its ease of access. Heading west out of Rosalie will take you almost right to the falls just outside Gran Fond.

Nearby Restaurants

And, one of the most enjoyable options while spending an afternoon exploring the area is sharing fare at a restaurant within traveling distance of the waterfall. The nearest eatery to Emerald Pool Waterfall is Breadnut Restaurant and Bar, which offers Caribbean dishes. Also within reach, you and your companions will have eateries like Zamaan Restaurant and Riverside Cafe so with any luck, at least one of these nearby eateries will humor the entire gang.

Nearby Attractions

Travelers who like waterfalls, and are interested in visiting others, ought to think about Three Basins and Fond Morgan Waterfall; both of which are within driving distance of this page's falls. Additional nearby attractions include Chemin L'Etang Trail, which is less than a mile away Grand Fond. Also, you might consider making the trip to Citrus Creek Plantation, which is another attraction close by.

With the choice of exciting activities nearby, you'll never run out of things to do. Attractions close-by can be found in the following table.

Attractions Near Emerald Pool Waterfall
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Chemin L'Etang Trail -- 0.9 mi. (12.6 km) SW Grand Fond
Citrus Creek Plantation -- 2.2 mi. (15.0 km) SE 9.3 mi. East of Roseau
Morne Trois Pitons Hiking Trail GeoFeature -- -- 6.4 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Museum of Rum Museum 2.3 mi. (15.2 km) SE La Plaine
Freshwater Lake Hiking Trail GeoFeature 3.5 mi. (8.6 km) W 5.3 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Morne Trois Pitons National Park -- 3.5 mi. (10.1 km) SSW 6.3 mi. East of Roseau
Valley of Desolation Other Attraction 3.8 mi. (9.5 km) SSW 5.9 mi. East of Roseau
Glasse Trail Other Attraction 4.5 mi. (14.6 km) SSE 9.1 mi. East of Roseau

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There is a fee to enter the pools.

Location: Dominica


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