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Local delicacies made with fresh ingredients take the stage on the nature island

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Dominica Food

While gastronomically inclined travelers may prefer the fine dining of Anguilla or neighboring Martinique, travelers can still find delicious local dishes on Dominica, where specialties are prepared from local ingredients grown on this unspoiled and diverse island.


Using flavorful and indigenous ingredients is a popular culinary pastime in the Caribbean, and travelers to Dominica will find local ingredients infused in cuisine that bears the influences of French, Asian, African, and Carib cultures. Small houses and hotels are home to some of the island's restaurants, and travelers can find hip or informal eateries as well as more refined dining. Visitors will also have opportunities to dine on open-air terraces that overlook the ocean, an experience that should not be missed in the Caribbean.

Prices at inexpensive restaurants and vendor bake stands can be as low as $5(USD) to $10(USD), allowing travelers to obtain an inexpensive and quick bite to eat between rigorous eco-tourism activities. Meals at moderately priced restaurants, where travelers can enjoy local cuisine, cost as little as $10(USD) to $20(USD). Prices for the most expensive entrees in the island's top restaurants will start at $20(USD) and go up to $35(USD) and even $55(USD). Multiple courses, wine, and cocktails will drive up the price of a dinner bill significantly. There are plenty of options, however, and travelers of all budgets should be able to find filling and pleasing meals.


Regardless of style and price, restaurants on Dominica are mainly spread out among a few of the island's larger cities, Roseau and Portsmouth.  Calibishie has an excellent selection of restaurants, as does Scott's Head, while Marigot and the West Coast features a number of restaurants that are located on hotel property. 

If you are still undecided where to stay, you can learn about restaurants at specific hotels in several ways. First, consider visiting our article listing the Best Hotels for Dining Options. Or, select hotels that interest you from our extensive list (A to Z: Hotels in Detail), and read about their restaurants, as well as other nearby dining options within our detailed discussion of each property.

Culinary Styles


Dominica emphasizes respect and appreciation for the unspoiled nature of the island, and this is reflected in the use of local ingredients in island cuisine. Some dishes, such agouti and manicou, which are made from local rodents, have guests turning up their noses; while local produce such as guava and various citruses are so delectable that guests are left wanting more.  Learn all about how Dominica feeds its people (and their guests), when you read our article on Culinary Styles on Dominica.


Freshly squeezed fruit juices comprised of locally grown produce is a popular choice of beverage for vacationers on Dominica.  For something a little stronger, rum is the favorite amongst Caribbean islanders, often mixed into specialty drinks and even smoothies.

Vacationers have a number of options when it is time to eat. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or wish to spend a relaxing evening on an open-air terrace, you can choose an atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your dining experience on Dominica.  Even if you choose to pass on the local delicacies of opossum or rodent, local ingredients make all Dominican cuisine particularly satisfying.


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