FreshWater Lake

Also known as Warmae Letang, this lake is responsible for generating a great deal of energy for the island. Locals often tell tale of a one-eyed monster that is supposed to reside within the waters, but these are just things of legend and nothing to be feared.

Though it is often said to be bottomless, FreshWater lake is really 55 feet deep.

The lake is a wonderful place to hike around, and offers trails and amazing views, especially towards the beginning and end of the day. The trail around the lake takes about an hour to traverse at a good pace.


FreshWater Lake is located on the island of Dominica, 6.1 miles northeast of downtown Roseau; it is 5.6 miles to the east-northeast of Roseau.

Hikers can access FreshWater Lake by taking the 2.5 mile road from Laudat Roseau.

Nearby Restaurants

And, one of the most delightful options while spending a few hours exploring the area is eating a meal at a restaurant within traveling distance of FreshWater Lake. Cafe Mon Plezi, which offers Creole food, is also the most convenient option for visitors of this lake. Also nearby, you and your companions will have restaurants such as Roxy's Restaurant and Papillote Rainforest Restaurant so hopefully, at least one of these nearby dining establishments will delight the entire party.

Nearby Attractions

Vacationers that are a fan of lakes, and would like to see others, should consider seeing Boiling Lake and Miracle Lake; the first of which is 1.9 miles to the south-southeast of this lake. You'll find at least one or two additional attractions in the area, including Morne Trois Pitons Hiking Trail, which is within driving distance near Roseau. You might also think about checking out Freshwater Lake Hiking Trail, which is another nearby attraction.

Being able to choose from some other activities will ensure you won't run out of things to do. The following table contains a list of nearby attractions.

Attractions Near FreshWater Lake
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Morne Trois Pitons Hiking Trail GeoFeature -- -- 6.4 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Freshwater Lake Hiking Trail GeoFeature 1.0 mi. (8.6 km) NW 5.3 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Ti Tou Gorge Fall GeoFeature 1.4 mi. (6.9 km) SW 4.3 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau
Rainforest Aerial Tram Other Attraction 1.7 mi. (6.4 km) WSW Laudat
Valley of Desolation Other Attraction 1.9 mi. (9.5 km) SSE 5.9 mi. East of Roseau
Trafalgar Falls GeoFeature 2.0 mi. (5.9 km) SW 3.7 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau
Morne Trois Pitons National Park -- 2.0 mi. (10.1 km) SE 6.3 mi. East of Roseau
Chemin L'Etang Trail -- 2.2 mi. (12.6 km) ENE Grand Fond

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Location: Dominica


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