What's Near Island Bay Boutique Hotel

Nearby Beaches

Travelers staying in this part of Dominica usually enjoy the water at one of the gorgeous beaches. Having them available nearby will make this area particularly desirable.

The personalities of each coastal spot on Dominica can make a difference in how much you enjoy your visit. The following options each offer something a little different. Click on the names below to view a detailed page:

Beaches Near Island Bay Boutique
Beach Distance Direction Location
St. Joseph Beach 0.5 S Mero
Macoucherie Beach 0.9 NW 1.0 mi. Northwest of Mero
Mero Beach 1.7 S 1.4 mi. South of Mero
Salisbury Beach 2.1 NW Salisbury
Rodney Rock Beach 2.3 S 2.1 mi. South-Southeast of Mero
Batalie Beach 2.7 NW Salisbury
Mahaut North Beach 3.4 SSE 3.2 mi. South-Southeast of Mero

St. Joseph Beach is the one that's nearest to the hotel. Since this beach is located a half mile to the south of this hotel, you really won't have to go far to enjoy it. St Joseph Beach's draw is its great snorkeling and diving opportunities, it's much more isolated than nearby Mero Beach.

If instead you're looking for a beach that offers more seclusion, Macoucherie Beach might be a good choice. It can be found only a small trip off.

Nearby Areas

Hopping over to a town or community that neighbors your hotel can add to the enjoyment of your vacation, whether you'll be exploring the area's exciting nightlife, or talking to some locals about their way of life. Island Bay Boutique Hotel is located in the northern outskirts of Mero, in the vicinity of St. Joseph.

The table below lists some of the areas near Island Bay Boutique Hotel.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
St. Joseph 1.0 S
Salisbury 1.7 NW
Coulibistrie 3.0 NW
Mahaut 4.3 SSE
Colihaut 5.1 NNW
Colihout 5.2 NNW
Massacre 5.5 SSE
Pont Casse 5.8 ESE
Canefield 6.4 SSE
Dublanc 7.1 NNW

Nearby Attractions

Central Forest Reserve

Island Bay Boutique Hotel is an excellent place to stay for active visitors. There are a good amount of fun activities to be found when searching from this accommodation. Yes, this area is simply full of different attractions to try, including Spanny's Twin Falls, Soltoun Falls, and Waitukubuli Trail: Pont Casse to Castle Bruce. Though there are at least three great attractions nearby, the closest one is Spanny's Twin Falls.

There's something for everybody here, so feel free to explore more of the hotel's closest attractions, like those listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Island Bay Boutique
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Spanny's Twin Falls Waterfall 5.0 E 5.0 mi. East of Mero
Soltoun Falls Waterfall 5.8 E 5.9 mi. East of Mero
Waitukubuli Trail: Pont Casse to Castle Bruce Hiking Trail 6.1 ESE Pont Casse
Central Forest Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.0 E 6.5 mi. South of Marigot
Atrium Valley Gardens Botanical Garden -- -- 3.4 mi. North-Northeast of Roseau
Waitukubuli National Trail: Segment 10 Hiking Trail 1.0 NW Salisbury
Freshwater Lake Hiking Trail Hiking Trail 8.5 SE 5.3 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Waitukubuli Trail: Colihaut Heights to Syndicate Hiking Trail 6.1 NNE 5.5 mi. Northeast of Salisbury
Middleham Falls Waterfall 7.6 SE 3.8 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Northern Forest Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 8.3 NE 4.3 mi. West-Southwest of Marigot
Morne Trois Pitons Hiking Trail Hiking Trail -- -- 6.4 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Rainforest Aerial Tram Cable Car 8.6 SE Laudat
Middleham Falls Hiking Trails Hiking Trail -- -- 2.1 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Fond Morgan Waterfall Waterfall -- -- 8.7 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Old Mill Cultural Centre Museum 6.5 SSE Canefield
Papillote Tropical Gardens Botanical Garden 8.6 SE 3.3 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau
Trafalgar Falls Waterfall 8.9 SE 3.7 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau
Waitukubuli Trail: First Camp to Petite Macoucherie Hiking Trail 9.1 NE 3.8 mi. West of Marigot
Ti Tou Gorge Fall Waterfall 9.2 SE 4.3 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau
Milton Falls Waterfall 5.9 N 4.8 mi. North of Salisbury
Chemin L'Etang Trail Hiking Trail 10.7 ESE Grand Fond
Dernier Falls Waterfall 10.7 ESE Grand Fond
Waitukubuli Trail: Castle Bruce to Hatten Garden Hiking Trail 11.4 E 6.0 mi. South of Marigot
Emerald Pool Waterfall Waterfall 11.0 ESE 8.7 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau
Waitukubuli Trail: Wotten Waven to Pont Casse Hiking Trail 8.9 SE Wotten Waven
Three Basins Waterfall -- -- 9.0 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau
Ti Kwen Glo Cho Botanical Garden -- -- Wotten Waven
Natural Vibes Organic Farm Farm 11.8 E 5.3 mi. South-Southeast of Marigot
Mahaut Falls Waterfall 11.7 ENE 4.6 mi. South-Southeast of Marigot
Flocky's Twin Falls Waterfall -- -- Rosalie
Aba Ravine Cyrique Waterfall -- -- Rosalie
Coco Cascades Waterfall -- -- Rosalie
The Space Mountain Falls Waterfall -- -- Rosalie
Waitukubuli National Trail: Segment 11 Hiking Trail 6.7 N 4.6 mi. South-Southeast of Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Hatten Garden to First Camp Hiking Trail 11.6 NE 1.4 mi. South of Marigot
Centipede Trail Hiking Trail 12.4 ENE 3.8 mi. Southeast of Marigot
Waitukubuli Trail: Syndicate to Borne Hiking Trail 7.3 N 4.1 mi. Southeast of Portsmouth
Valley of Desolation Hiking Trail 11.1 SE 5.9 mi. East of Roseau
Taberi Falls Waterfall 12.1 ESE 8.6 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau
Lindo Park Park 8.4 SSE Roseau
Morne Trois Pitons National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 11.4 SE 6.3 mi. East of Roseau
Kalinago Cultural Village Museum 12.5 ENE 3.2 mi. Southeast of Marigot
Isulukati Waterfall Waterfall 12.5 ENE 2.9 mi. Southeast of Marigot
The Botanical Gardens Botanical Garden 8.7 SSE Roseau
Windsor Park Park 8.6 SSE Roseau
Canal River Hiking Trail Hiking Trail 11.6 NE 0.9 mi. West of Marigot
Sari Sari Falls Waterfall 12.0 SE 7.6 mi. East of Roseau
Parrot Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 8.8 SSE Roseau
Jean Rhys House Historical Site 8.8 S Downtown Roseau
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral Historical Site 8.8 S Downtown Roseau
Barracoon Building Historical Site 8.7 S Downtown Roseau
Cathedral of Our Lady of Fair Haven Historical Site 8.9 S Downtown Roseau
The Methodist Church Historical Site 8.9 S Downtown Roseau
Government Cemetery Historical Site 9.0 SSE Roseau
Government House Historical Site 9.0 S Downtown Roseau
The State House Historical Site 9.0 S Downtown Roseau
Dominica Museum Museum 8.9 S Downtown Roseau
Bolive Falls Waterfall 12.3 SE 7.8 mi. East of Roseau
St. George's Anglican Church Historical Site 9.0 S Downtown Roseau
Pebble's Park Park 9.0 S Downtown Roseau
Anglican Cemetery Historical Site 9.1 SSE Roseau
Boli Falls Waterfall -- -- 8.4 mi. East of Roseau
Newtown Savannah Park 9.1 SSE Roseau
Citrus Creek Plantation Plantation 12.9 ESE 9.3 mi. East of Roseau
Morne Diablotin National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve -- -- 3.5 mi. Southeast of Portsmouth
Museum of Rum Museum 13.0 ESE La Plaine
Chaudiere Pool and Waterfall Waterfall 10.8 NNE 2.3 mi. South West of Calibishie
Loubiere Playing Field Park 10.4 SSE Wall House
Hot Springs Park 8.9 N 2.2 mi. South-Southeast of Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Bellevue Chopin to Wotten Waven Hiking Trail 11.8 SSE Bellevue Chopin
Victoria Falls Waterfall 13.6 SE 7.5 mi. East of Roseau
Glasse Trail Hiking Trail 14.3 SE 9.1 mi. East of Roseau
River Jack Waterfall Waterfall 13.7 SE 7.4 mi. East of Roseau
Brandy Falls Waterfall 10.3 N 1.6 mi. East-Southeast of Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Borne to Penville Hiking Trail 10.8 N 1.8 mi. East of Portsmouth
Pointe Baptiste Chocalaterie Museum 13.2 NNE 0.6 mi. East of Calibishie
Red Rocks at Pointe Baptiste Cave 13.3 NNE 0.5 mi. East-Northeast of Calibishie
Dubac Falls Waterfall 13.9 SE 6.3 mi. Southeast of Roseau
Dubique Falls Waterfall 14.0 SE 6.3 mi. Southeast of Roseau
Arbeedee Cinema Movie Theater -- -- Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Soufriere to Bellevue Chopin Hiking Trail 13.8 SSE 5.4 mi. Southeast of Roseau
Fort Shirley Historical Site 11.7 N 1.3 mi. West-Northwest of Portsmouth
Fort Shirley Welcome Center and Museum Museum 11.7 N 1.3 mi. West-Northwest of Portsmouth
Cabrits Historical and Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 11.9 N 1.4 mi. West-Northwest of Portsmouth
Scott's Head Marine Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 14.1 S 5.7 mi. South of Roseau
Brenner Falls Waterfall -- -- 3.8 mi. Northeast of Portsmouth
Cold Sulphur Springs Park 13.7 N 3.0 mi. North-Northeast of Portsmouth
Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 14.7 S 6.3 mi. South of Roseau
Waitukubuli Trail: Scotts Head to Soufriere Hiking Trail 14.8 S Scotts Head Village
Waitukubuli Trail: Penville to Capuchin Hiking Trail 14.5 N 4.2 mi. North-Northeast of Portsmouth
Waitukubuli Trail: Capuchin to Cabrits National Park Hiking Trail 14.8 N Capuchin

If you're looking for somewhere a little different to visit, Spanny's Twin Falls may be just what you're looking for. These twin waterfalls empty into their own pools that let guests swim in the cold water. These are a nice, close by alternative to some of the other waterfalls that require hikes of several hours.

Nearby Accommodations

When deciding on a place to stay, it's often smart to learn more about nearby accommodations as a means to get a feel for the region. This portion of Dominica is home to several additional hotel and resort options, which will give readers lots to mull over prior to reaching a verdict. In order to find details about hotel booking possibilities available in the area, see the table below.

Accommodations near Island Bay Boutique
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Rachelle's Retreat 0.3 WSW Mero, Dominica
Mango Island Lodges Boutique Hotel 0.7 S 0.5 mi. South of Mero, Dominica
The Tamarind Tree Hotel and Restaurant 1.0 NW Salisbury, Dominica
Sunset Bay Club Hotel 2.6 NW Coulibistrie, Dominica
L&O Guest House 4.2 SSE Mahaut, Dominica
Crescent Moon Cabins 5.6 SE 3.9 mi. North of Roseau, Dominica
Bayport Residence Inn 6.1 SSE Canefield, Dominica
Suite Pepper 7.9 SSE Roseau, Dominica
Home from Home 8.4 SSE Roseau, Dominica
St. James Guesthouse 8.4 S Roseau, Dominica

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