Isulukati Waterfall

Emptying into a small pool, Isulukati is a relaxing waterfall and a good place to cool off on a hot day in the Caribbean for those seeking an alternative to the sandy beaches.

This is a rocky waterfall. The pool is a large rock hole in a larger rock slab that has eroded over time, likely from the same waterfall that still flows into it. The waterfall itself falls from what appears to be a solid rock cliff. Though not all is rock, as the edges of the rock system are line with palm trees.


Located on the island of Dominica, 0.9 miles southeast of Waraka, Isulukati Waterfall always welcomes residents and travelers who are rooming on this part of the island. But even if you aren't staying particularly close, you are free to drop by for some fun in the sun. It is 2.9 miles southeast of Marigot.

Taking the main road south out of Atkinson, there are several side roads that all head towards the coast and towards Isulukati. People on the island will be able to help you decide which route is best.

Nearby Restaurants

Of course, one of the most enjoyable possibilities while spending a few hours exploring the area could be enjoying a dish at a restaurant within traveling distance of the waterfall. The nearest eatery to Isulukati Waterfall is Kalinago Village Cafe, which sells Creole dishes. Hibiscus Valley Restaurant and Pagua Bay Bar & Grill are a couple other restaurant choices nearby. At Pagua Bay Bar & Grill you and your group may sample American food and experience the flavors of Dominica.

Nearby Attractions

Active travelers that are a fan of waterfalls, and have the energy to view some others, should consider seeing Mahaut Falls and Soltoun Falls; the first of which is two miles to the south of this waterfall. You'll find some other attractions nearby, including Kalinago Cultural Village, which is within driving distance near Marigot. Also consider making the trip to Centipede Trail, which is another attraction not far away.

Waterfalls are one type of attraction you can visit, but there's even more to see during your stay. The following list contains attractions that are nearby.

Attractions Near Isulukati Waterfall
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Kalinago Cultural Village Museum 0.3 mi. (5.2 km) SE 3.2 mi. Southeast of Marigot
Centipede Trail GeoFeature 0.9 mi. (6.1 km) SSE 3.8 mi. Southeast of Marigot
Waitukubuli Trail: Hatten Garden to First Camp Other Attraction 1.9 mi. (2.2 km) NW 1.4 mi. South of Marigot
Natural Vibes Organic Farm -- 2.5 mi. (8.5 km) S 5.3 mi. South-Southeast of Marigot
Waitukubuli Trail: Castle Bruce to Hatten Garden Other Attraction 3.3 mi. (9.6 km) S 6.0 mi. South of Marigot
Canal River Hiking Trail GeoFeature 3.5 mi. (1.5 km) NW 0.9 mi. West of Marigot
Central Forest Reserve -- 4.6 mi. (10.5 km) SSW 6.5 mi. South of Marigot
Waitukubuli Trail: First Camp to Petite Macoucherie Other Attraction 5.5 mi. (6.1 km) W 3.8 mi. West of Marigot

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Location: Dominica


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