Need Help Making Decisions for Your Trip to Dominica?

Making a few decisions before you go can help you get the most out of your vacation

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Dominica's spectacular natural landscape and thriving wildlife makes the island a popular travel destination with eco-tourists. After deciding to visit Dominica, visitors to this alluring little island must make a few key decisions about the trip. Taking the time to determine where you'll stay and what you'd like to do will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Where to Stay

After you've chosen Dominica to be the perfect spot for your tropical getaway, you will have to decide what part of the island you want to call home during your stay. If you want to be in the center of it all, consider accommodations in the country's capital of Roseau, the hub of Dominica's social and commercial life. Most of the island's hotels and resorts are located in or near Roseau. If you want to enjoy a more secluded retreat or explore the island's intriguing natural sights and wildlife, then you may opt to stay near the island's more rugged areas, perhaps a cottage near Dominica's mountainous regions would be in order.

The farther away you go from cities and populated areas, the farther you will be from the major tourist haunts and general bustle of the island population. Dominica is one of the most undeveloped, rugged islands in the Caribbean, so if you choose to stay in the quieter areas of the island, be prepared for a truly natural experience.

Hiking and nature tours are popular activities among visitors. Dominica is full of winding trails and wilderness, which makes for adventurous nature excursions, but beware of free-lance tour guides, who may not be as reliable as professional guides hired through a company.

How to Get There


Travelers can arrive on Dominica by air or by sea. Most vacationers arrive by plane at one of the island's two airports. You can catch several connecting flights to Dominica from several other Caribbean islands, including Antigua, Puerto Rico, and St. Lucia.

Sea lovers can get to the island by boat, whether on board a luxurious cruise or a fast ferry that runs between several nearby islands. Cruises are a great way to make travel a relaxing and enjoyable part of your vacation. For the most part, cruises only make a short stop on the island, usually no longer than one day. Travelers with their own personal vessels can also dock in the island's harbors after passing through customs.

You will also have to decide how to get around the island once you arrive. Taxis are a good way to see the island, and drivers can also act as personal tour guides. Independent travelers will find several rental car companies that serve the island, so you can tour at your own pace. Buses are an affordable means of transportation, and allow you to navigate the island like a local.

Where to Go on the Island

Once you get settled, you'll want to consider what activities interest you and which sites you would like to visit. While you don't need to plan every event of your trip to the letter, a tentative itinerary will help point you toward the businesses with which you'll need to make arrangements.

When making decisions on what to do, consider your traveling companions' interests as well as your own. The island is full of natural sites, and you may consider visiting a national park or reserve. Families may want to consider a guided day tour or a trip to one of the island's museums. For a romantic getaway, couples can enjoy the botanical gardens or splashing in cool streams and waterfalls.

Having a rough plan before setting off will give you the chance to experience as much as you can while staying on Dominica. A little research and early decision-making will ensure the vacation you imagine becomes a reality.


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