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The country of Dominica is the largest island in the Caribbean's Windward Island chain.  Dominica is regarded as one of the top Caribbean destinations for travelers seeking a great experience with nature and the outdoors.

Within the island's 290 square miles, guests will find everything from mountain peaks to lush, undisturbed rainforests. To see more of the map, widen your browser.



The southern half of the island offers plentiful attractions for vacationers of all lifestyles.  Located in the central region of the southern area of the map, Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a primordial rainforest that will make you feel like you've entered a tropical wonderland with waterfalls, orchid trees, giant ferns and rushing rivers. Similarly, the natural beauty of Sulphur Springs is another outdoor sight not to be missed. This attraction is famous for the supposedly healing powers of the hot spring's sulfuric water.

Sitting above the town of Roseau on the western coast, visitors are invited to tour Papillote Gardens, which has been beautifully restored after Hurricane David destroyed the garden a few decades ago.  If you're looking for sunbathing, consider heading to Champagne Beach, which boasts unique hot spring swimming right at the ocean.

The northern part of the map is equally as exciting as its southern counterpart. Check out the Caribe Territory on the eastern coast, which is a haven for history buffs. Immerse yourself in the ancient Caribe culture with activities like hand squeezing sugar can, basket weaving and more. If you head to the most northern parts of Dominica, you'll come across Cabrit's National Park. This protected area preserves natural landforms ranging from swamplands and tropical forests to volcanic beaches and coral reefs.

The northern coast boasts plentiful beachfront access, including popular destinations like Soufriere Bay, Douglas Bay, Longberry Beach and the secluded shores of Waterford Hill. If you're looking for an adventure, consider Hampstead Beach, which can only be accessed via four wheelers.

Places to Stay


Located on the southwestern coast, the capital city of Roseau is the main hub of action on Dominica. This is the most economical place for tourists to stay, and a variety of accommodations and dining options to fit nearly any budget. The bulk of the hustle and bustle in the city takes place during the daytime, leaving Roseau quiet and tranquil during the evenings.


The charming city of Portsmouth is Dominica's second largest town, sitting far to the north of Roseau on the map. Situated directly on the bay, this pleasant town is bordered by the Cabrits National Park towards the north, and the Indian River on the southern side. Portsmouth's waterfront location makes it an ideal place for divers, fishermen and tourists keen on whale-watching. A small collection of lodging facilities are available within the town and the surrounding vicinity, making it ideal for travelers seeking a more secluded experience.


Dominica's remaining accommodations are scattered throughout the coastal areas of the island. A couple of hotels can be found at the northernmost extent of the map near the town of Calibishie. This area boasts excellent beaches, prime for sunbathing and diving excursions. Another great spot for those interested in underwater adventures is the area midway between Portsmouth and Roseau, near Mero and Salisbury.  A modest number of accommodations can be found in the area, as well as some nice beaches.


Vacationers flying into Dominica will likely be landing at the Melville Hall Airport (DOM). Situated on the northern coast, a few miles northwest of Marigot, this airport serves flights arriving from Puerto Rico, Antigua, Barbados, Sint Maarten and Guadeloupe.  All other flights arrive at the Cane Field Airport (DCF) near Roseau.

For those arriving via cruise ship, there are two ports of entry. The primary location is the Roseau Cruise Ship Terminal, situated in the capital city. Located on the Woodbridge Bay Deepwater Harbour, this cruise terminal drops passengers off within walking distance of the popular downtown area. Alternatively, your cruise may arrive on the northwestern tip of the island at the Portsmouth Dock. Approximately one hour away from Roseau, the Portsmouth Dock offers a range of dining options, shopping opportunities and transportation services.


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