Morne Anglais

Set on the southern side of the island, Morne Anglais, or the "English Mountain" stands 3,683 feet tall and is one of the tallest mountains on Dominica.

Although sometimes arduous, the trek to the top of Morne Anglais takes you through orchid-filled forests and elfin woodlands.

A series of trails at varying levels of difficulties leads to the top of Morne Anglais. Difficultly level ranges from a three to a four, and the trek spans about 2.25 miles.


Situated near the middle of the island of Dominica, 3.9 miles north-northeast of downtown Roseau, Morne Anglais welcomes residents and guests rooming on this part of the island. Regardless of whether or not you're staying in the vicinity, you are free to drop by to enjoy a great time. It is 3.3 miles north-northeast of Roseau.

You can reach the Morne Anglais trail head from Roseau by going south to Loubiere. Turn left at the Citronier entrance and continue to Giraudel.

Nearby Restaurants

And, one of the most delightful possibilities while spending a few hours exploring the area could be having food at a restaurant within traveling distance of Morne Anglais. The closest place to eat to Morne Anglais is Mam's Restaurant & Bar, a great eatery to enjoy a meal at before spending time at Morne Anglais. L&O Restaurant and Papillote Rainforest Restaurant are some of the additional restaurant choices nearby. At Papillote Rainforest Restaurant you and your group should be sure to sample Creole dishes and experience the Dominica culture.

Nearby Attractions

Vacationers that enjoy mountains, and are interested in visiting others, ought to think about Morne Watt and Morne Trois Pitons National Park; the first of which is 5.0 miles to the east-southeast of Morne Anglais. Other types of nearby activities include Atrium Valley Gardens, which is within driving distance near Roseau. Furthermore, you can think about heading over to Middleham Falls Hiking Trails, which is another nearby attraction.

Being able to choose from some other activities will ensure you won't run low on things to do. The closest attractions are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Morne Anglais
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Atrium Valley Gardens -- -- -- 3.4 mi. North-Northeast of Roseau
Middleham Falls Hiking Trails GeoFeature -- -- 2.1 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Middleham Falls GeoFeature 1.7 mi. (6.1 km) E 3.8 mi. Northeast of Roseau
Old Mill Cultural Centre Museum 1.9 mi. (3.2 km) SW Canefield
Papillote Tropical Gardens Other Attraction 2.4 mi. (5.3 km) SE 3.3 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau
Rainforest Aerial Tram Other Attraction 2.6 mi. (6.4 km) ESE Laudat
Waitukubuli Trail: Wotten Waven to Pont Casse Other Attraction 2.7 mi. (5.3 km) SE Wotten Waven
Trafalgar Falls GeoFeature 2.7 mi. (5.9 km) SE 3.7 mi. East-Northeast of Roseau

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