Activities and Recreation at Papillote Wilderness Retreat

Even though visitors likely won't find very many recreational possibilities at Papillote Wilderness Retreat, that certainly doesn't mean you won't encounter plenty of other exciting things to see and do while you're on Dominica.

Considering the lodge has 4 pools to choose from, you shouldn't have any problem finding a prime poolside spot.

Family Activities

Papillote Wilderness Retreat welcomes families, though you may not be overwhelmed with a wide selection of amenities specifically intended for the younger set. If it is important that you find a hotel to stay with more features that are tailored specifically for children, check out accommodations which are top-rated for family vacations.

Entertainment and Nightlife

This lodge tends to be relatively quiet after dark. Accordingly, this is not typically at the top of the list for visitors that want thrilling nightlife where they are staying.

In fact, you won't find any bars or nightclubs on-site at this lodge, so at least your night will not be disturbed by loud music.


Beyond what can be found on-site, those who want to go exploring will likely encounter quite a few interesting things to do and sites to see on Dominica. Ultimately, the only binds travelers have are the ones they place on themselves. Regardless of if you plan to spend a day out on the sea or look into the nearest shopping opportunity, it's not hard to locate something fun to do if you are in need. Click on these pages to read more about riding a bike or moped, shopping, snorkeling, diving, fishing, sightseeing, and other activities.


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