Restaurants on Dominica

Restaurants on Dominica utilize a number of locally grown spices and produce

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Restaurants on Dominica

Restaurants on Dominica represent a wide array of cuisines, from Asian to French and African. Locally produced juices, rums, fruits, vegetables, and spices are served alongside specialties such as frog and rodent on Dominican restaurants.

Travelers who have exhausted themselves after a day of hiking one of Dominica's rigorous trails will want to nourish their tired bodies with fuel to explore the next captivating waterfall or river the following day. There is a concentration of restaurants in Roseau, though travelers can also find dining options in Castle Comfort, Concord, Portsmouth, and in a number of hotels.  Calibishie, Marigot, and Scott's Head are also cities that each have a small spattering of restaurants to choose from.  Learn more about hotels with restaurants when you read our article title the Best Hotels for Dining Options. 

Most restaurants on Dominica will open between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and stay open until 10:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m., serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hours can vary, and many restaurants will be closed on Sundays, so diners should always check to see whether the restaurant they choose will be open. Family-style dining is popular on the island, which means you sit at a large table with a group of guests you may not know, and dine from serving platters, rather than being served an individual plate.  This is a great place to get to know other visitors, and even some locals. 

Although Dominica is not likely to be as crowded as other Caribbean islands, reservations are still recommended and even essential at select restaurants, particularly during the high tourist season.  If you know the names of the restaurants you'd like to dine at, click here for further details including the type of fare they serve and contact information so you can call and make reservations.  You can also learn about restaurants by cuisine type in the following table.

Restaurants By Cuisine
Cuisine Restaurants Locations
American 2 Restaurants Roseau, Dominica
Belgian 1 Restaurant Coulibistrie
Cajun 2 Restaurants Wotten Waven, Dominica
Caribbean 28 Restaurants Wotten Waven, Marigot, Rosalie, downtown Roseau, La Plaine, Calibishie, Castle Bruce, Dominica, Pointe Michel, Coulibistrie
Creole 14 Restaurants Wotten Waven, downtown Roseau, Salisbury, Mero, Castle Bruce, Dominica, Wall House, Scotts Head Village, Coulibistrie
European 2 Restaurants downtown Roseau, Coulibistrie
French 3 Restaurants downtown Roseau, Mero, La Plaine
Fusion 2 Restaurants Dominica
International 13 Restaurants Wall House, downtown Roseau, Salisbury, Calibishie, Dominica
Italian 2 Restaurants downtown Roseau, Dominica
Jamaican 1 Restaurant downtown Roseau
Contemporary 1 Restaurant Dominica
Eclectic 3 Restaurants downtown Roseau, Rosalie
Vegan 2 Restaurants downtown Roseau, Dominica
Vegetarian 7 Restaurants downtown Roseau, Calibishie, Castle Bruce, Dominica

Dominica serves up some of the most unique dishes in the whole of the Caribbean, from Mountain Chicken, which is actually frog legs (and currently prohibited on the island due to fungal disease and overhunting), to agouti, which is a rodent indigenous to the island, and even manicou, a small opposum.  You can learn all about these dishes, as well as a few you may be more familiar with, when you read our guide to Culinary Styles on Dominica


Some restaurants on Dominica will not accept credit cards. The United States dollar, euro, and British pound may all be accepted in various establishments on the island, though the United States dollar and the local Eastern Caribbean dollar are the most widely accepted. Diners should be clear about what type of currencies are accepted and what currency menu prices are quoted in. Change may often be given in Eastern Caribbean dollars. Other establishments on the island accept the major credit cards of Visa and Mastercard, while Discover and American Express are also usually both accepted. Most restaurants will add a 10 percent service charge to the bill, and travelers can leave additional tips for good service. A 10 percent to 15 percent gratuity should be left in the event that a service charge is not included.

Dominica follows the dress customs of many of the Caribbean islands. While a day at the beach or in the forest may warrant swimsuits, beachwear, revealing clothing, or active wear, restaurants in the Caribbean are not the place for these types of attire. Dinner dress should be neat but casual, with trousers and button-down or collared shirts for men and casual dresses for women. To read more about clothing and attire on Dominica, click here.

A relaxing, intimate, and unpretentious dinner can be the perfect conclusion to a day spent enjoying the natural beauty of Dominica.


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