Creole Cuisine on Dominica

While staying on Dominica, expect to happen upon a diverse set of restaurants, cafes, and places with delicious cocktails. Those who adore Creole cuisine particularly won't want to miss the places that dub it their specialty. When it's time to narrow the list, you'll find there's an incredible amount of choices just for this type of food.

With options including everything from the very casual favorite named Blue Bay Restaurant to the delicious breakfast, dinner and lunch at Zamaan Restaurant, there's something in store for each traveler and even for that special night you're planning.

Take a moment to read more about the numerous places serving Creole cuisine available. On each restaurant's name, click to learn more about its hours, location, and other offerings.

Papillote Rainforest Restaurant

Roseau | (767) 448-2287

Papillote Rainforest Restaurant

Located near the heart of the island of Dominica, near Wotten Waven, Papillote Rainforest Restaurant is on the premises of Papillote Wilderness Retreat, and is a logical selection for guests thinking about visiting the island. If you're curious, Roseau is approximately three miles (approximately five kilometers) to the west-southwest. When you're up for simply tucking into some great Creole fare, take a look at this place where the setting is casual.

Papillote Rainforest Restaurant serves a selection of Creole-style offerings, locally caught fish, and fresh produce from the island. Wash your hearty meal down with the locally brewed Kubuli beer, the special "Papillote" rum punch, or a fruit juice.

Zamaan Restaurant

Rosalie | (767) 446-1010

Zamaan Restaurant, a part of Rosalie Bay Nature Resort, is situated in the general vicinity of Grand Fond; it is ten miles (16 kilometers) to the east-northeast of Roseau. This restaurant offers a fine setting with even finer dishes, which means those who are eager to enjoy both an upscale setting and Creole cuisine will want to check it out.

Zamaan serves all mean in an open air dining room with fine linens and comfortable patio-style seats. Bar seating is available, and a romantic evening is possible when you reserve a private beach side gazebo.

Palisades Restaurant

Downtown Roseau | (767) 448-5000

Palisades Restaurant

Palisades Restaurant, on the premises of Fort Young Hotel, is located in downtown Roseau, in the southern outskirts of Roseau. Considered by most to be an informal place to have a meal, it's perfect for a delicious, but not elaborate, meal.

Many of the dishes on the menu are sourced locally, such as the pumpkin and ginger soup and most seafood items. Local and international fusion cuisine is their specialty, the epitome of this being their take on Dominica's Provision Pie, and the menu is extensive enough that everyone will be able to find something to suite their tastes.


Downtown Roseau | (767) 449-8800


Situated near the center of downtown Roseau, Balisier is a part of Garraway Hotel. Seeking a great plate of food in a refreshingly casual and classy setting? Then start strolling towards the laid-back ambiance at restaurants like Balisier.

Balisier, a restaurant and a bar, offers picturesque views of Caribbean Sea and sunsets bestowing a romantic, warm and elegantly sophisticated atmosphere, all set to mesmerize you.

Tamarind Tree Restaurant

Salisbury | (767) 449-7395

Located near St. Joseph, Tamarind Tree Restaurant is a viable option for people who are going to spend time visiting the island. In case you're wondering, Mero is a short distance away to the southeast. In addition to Creole fare, this dining establishment has some darn tasty International preparations, making it a excellent dining option for those who want to try some unique combinations.

The open air dining room seats 30 guests, and 20 more can dine out on the terrace. The decor is bright and whimsical with pink hues throughout.

Creole Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
All Nations Bar and Restaurant 0.5 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau Creole, International --
Atlantic View Restaurant 0.5 mi. West of Central Calibishie Creole (767) 277-0893
Balisier Downtown Roseau Creole, Indian, International (767) 449-8800
Blue Bay Restaurant 0.4 mi. Northwest of Central Portsmouth Creole, French, Swiss (767) 445-4985
Chez Wen 0.1 mi. West-Southwest of Central Scotts Head Village Creole (767) 448-6668
Guiyave Downtown Roseau Caribbean, Creole (767) 448-2930
Italia Restaurant Downtown Roseau Creole, International (767) 440-4837
Kalinago Village Cafe 1.2 mi. Southeast of Central Waraka Creole (767) 445-7979
Lobster Palace 0.5 mi. South of Central Coulibistrie Belgian, Caribbean, Creole (767) 446-6522
Ocean Terrace 1.2 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau Creole, International (767) 448-2638
Palisades Restaurant Downtown Roseau Caribbean, Creole, Eclectic (767) 448-5000
Papillote Rainforest Restaurant 0.5 mi. North of Central Wotten Waven Creole (767) 448-2287
River Rock Cafe 2.7 mi. East-Northeast of Central downtown Roseau Creole --
Roger's Bar and Restaurant 0.1 mi. West-Southwest of Central Scotts Head Village Creole (767) 448-7851
Roxy's Restaurant 3.7 mi. East of Central Canefield Creole (767) 448-4845
Tamarind Tree Restaurant 1.9 mi. North-Northwest of Central St. Joseph Creole, International (767) 449-7395
The Banana Leaf Restaurant 6.7 mi. Northeast of Central Canefield American, Cajun, Caribbean, Creole, Cuban, Latin American (767) 225-1038
Tia's Bamboo Restaurant 3.5 mi. East-Northeast of Central downtown Roseau Creole (767) 448-1998
Zamaan Restaurant 1.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Grand Fond Creole (767) 446-1010

Similar Food

Zandoli Dining Room

You may crave something slightly different, in which case there are similar flavors to be experienced at restaurants below:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Banana Tree Bar & Grill (767) 448-5433 Caribbean Downtown Roseau
Le Bistro Restaurant (767) 440-8117 French Downtown Roseau
Pearl's Cuisine (767) 448-8707 Caribbean Downtown Roseau
Jungle Pavilion Restaurant (767) 446-1789 Caribbean 1.2 mi. South-Southeast of Central Delices
Zandoli Dining Room (767) 446-3161 Caribbean 1.9 mi. East of Central Berekua
Riverside Cafe (767) 446-1234 Caribbean 0.3 mi. West of Central La Plaine
Old Stone Grill & Bar (767) 440-7549 Caribbean Downtown Roseau
Ponderosa Tavern (767) 245-6177 Caribbean 1.0 mi. North of Central Colihaut
Purple Turtle Beach Club (767) 445-5296 Caribbean 0.6 mi. Northwest of Central Portsmouth
Coral Reef Restaurant (767) 445-7432 Caribbean Calibishie, Northern part of Dominica

Some of the best cuisines on Dominica are those you run into naturally while walking around during the day. But, noting a handful of intriguing establishments on your itinerary, allows you to stay flexible. To discover more information about the types of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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