Eclectic Cuisine on Dominica

While staying on Dominica, you'll be impressed by the tempting spread of restaurants and other dining options. When your preference is eclectic food, you should check out the various establishments specializing in this cuisine. Sneak a taste of the eclectic food on Dominica's menus with this group of popular restaurants.


With choices such as the very casual destination known as Breadnut Restaurant and Bar to the lovely breakfast service at Palisades Restaurant, there is something to suit each and every traveler and every style of vacation.

Use the list below to preview the fairly full set of options that quench cravings for eclectic food. You can click each restaurant's name to read more about its style, hours, or even what the view will be like.

Le Flambeau Restaurant

Portsmouth | (767) 445-5131

Le Flambeau Restaurant, part of Picard Beach Cottages, is located on the northwestern edge of the island of Dominica; it's approximately a mile and a half (approximately three kilometers) to the south of Portsmouth. The style of service at this restaurant is 100% casual, so, of course, your gang should feel relaxed as they come to dig into the scrumptious menu items.

Breadnut Restaurant and Bar

Rosalie | (767) 446-1886

Breadnut Restaurant and Bar, part of 3 Rivers Eco Lodge, is located near Grand Fond; it's 9.4 miles to the east-northeast of Roseau. Don't overlook Rosalie when you're feeling like a knock-out serving of comfort food. It is important to note when you stay at 3 Rivers that Breadnut Restaurant and Bar is not a restaurant that is open all the time. The staff comes in only when orders have been placed and make the food then. This means that guests must order all of the meals they would like to eat at Breadnut in advance. If you don't order in advance, you don't eat! For breakfast, the offerings are pretty standard. Their most popular options are the local breakfast of codfish and green banana, but the chef is also rather proud of his fresh crepes and pancakes. Cocoa, tea, and local coffee are included in this meal. For dinner, the chef generally does a dish of the day which will contain a meat or fish main course together with a wide variety of local vegetables and provisions. Starters may be fresh soups or salads, while desserts might be anything from a sizzling banana to home made cakes.

Palisades Restaurant

Downtown Roseau | (767) 448-5000

Palisades Restaurant

Located near the middle of downtown Roseau, Palisades Restaurant is on the same premises as Fort Young Hotel. When your family is in need of excellent eclectic fare in a fairly relaxed and welcoming dining area, this casual, breezy restaurant hits its mark. Many of the dishes on the menu are sourced locally, such as the pumpkin and ginger soup and most seafood items. Local and international fusion cuisine is their specialty, the epitome of this being their take on Dominica's Provision Pie, and the menu is extensive enough that everyone will be able to find something to suite their tastes.

Ruins Rock Cafe

Roseau | (767) 440-5483

Ruins Rock Cafe is located in the heart of Roseau. After a long day, it's really convenient that this awesome bar and grill is very casual, and that means your whole group can take a time out and just order and indulge in whatever sounds good. While the cocktails are the real reason most people visit Ruins, you'll find burgers and seafood on the menu also.

Island Ice Cream

Downtown Roseau | (767) 448-2991

Island Ice Cream is located in downtown Roseau, near the center of Roseau. Here's one sure-fire reason to visit downtown Roseau for a mouth-watering helping of the specialty, ice cream.

Visitors often find that the best foods on Dominica are those that you run into naturally during your daytime travels. However, including a few tasty-sounding cafes and bars on your schedule, might save you in a pinch. To read more details concerning the dining options awaiting you, check out this page.


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