Eclectic Cuisine on Dominica

During your travels through Dominica, expect to be overwhelmed by the variety of places to eat. If you have a taste for eclectic food in particular, then you will definitely want to check out the places offering this cuisine on the menu. Get an idea of the eclectic offerings on Dominica and more specialties, below.

With so much to try, from the very casual atmosphere at Breadnut Restaurant and Bar to the tempting breakfast service at Palisades Restaurant, there's a menu for every type of traveler and for that special evening you're planning too.


Take a moment to read more about the enticing set of places that satisfy cravings for eclectic cuisine. Find one that whets your appetite and click its name to get further details about its ambiance, food, and what's located nearby.

Le Flambeau Restaurant

Portsmouth | (767) 445-5131

Le Flambeau Restaurant, a part of Picard Beach Cottages, is located on the northwestern side of the island of Dominica; it's 1.7 miles to the south of Portsmouth. When it comes to their style, the atmosphere this restaurant is not formal in the least, so, of course, your gang should feel relaxed as they come to order delicious, down-to-earth eats.

Breadnut Restaurant and Bar

Rosalie | (767) 616-1886

Situated 0.9 miles north of Grand Fond, Breadnut Restaurant and Bar is on the premises of 3 Rivers Eco Lodge. It's 8.6 miles northeast of Roseau. Does your whole family love comfort food? No matter your expectations for dining, you might discover that dining here is the one thing on your list you do twice.

The most popular breakfast item is the codfish and green banana, but the chef is also rather proud of his fresh crepes and pancakes. Cocoa, tea, and local coffee are included in this meal.

The chef generally offers a dish of the day including a meat or fish main course paired with a wide variety of local vegetables and provisions. Starters and desserts are also offered.

Palisades Restaurant

Downtown Roseau | (767) 448-5000

Palisades Restaurant

Set near the middle of downtown Roseau, Palisades Restaurant is on the premises of Fort Young Hotel, and is a logical choice for vacationers who are going to explore this neighborhood. Gladly termed a casual place to eat, it's like a mecca for hungry, intrigued travelers touring the town.

The only air conditioned restaurant in Roseau, this eatery features a view of the Caribbean Sea and enjoys a relaxed ambiance.

Ruins Rock Cafe

Roseau | (767) 440-5483

Situated north-northeast of downtown Roseau, Ruins Rock Cafe is a logical choice for vacationers thinking about spending some time visiting this town or nearby. After a long day, it's really convenient that this awesome bar and grill is pretty casual, so travelers can take a time out and just indulge in the sweet eclectic offerings.

While the cocktails are the real reason most people visit Ruins, you'll find burgers and seafood on the menu also.

Island Ice Cream

Downtown Roseau | (767) 448-2991

Located in the heart of downtown Roseau, Island Ice Cream is a viable choice for you to consider if you're thinking about spending some time visiting this neighborhood or the surrounding area. Out-of-towners who desire ice cream will especially like stopping here during a visit to downtown Roseau.

Some of the most memorable places to dine on Dominica are those that you run into naturally while out visiting attractions and tourist hubs. That being said, it's still a good idea to know the names of particular restaurants ahead of time. To discover much more concerning the culinary options awaiting you, check out this page.


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