International Cuisine on Dominica

Almost everywhere on Dominica, you'll encounter a tempting spread of local eateries, vendors, and fine food. Those who adore International cuisine particularly will want to visit the restaurants that always feature it on the menu. Fortunately, there's an over-abundance of dining options within this cuisine alone.


From the pleasant, very casual attitude at Perky's Pizza Roseau to the inviting breakfast, dinner and lunch at Veranda View Restaurant, you are sure to find something worth fighting over.

The list below allows you to read up on the rather large selection of International eateries to be enjoyed. For each restaurant, you can click its name to see more important info about its hours, location, and other offerings.


Downtown Roseau | (767) 449-8800

Located near the middle of downtown Roseau, Balisier is on the same premises as Garraway Hotel. Considering this is a casual place to dine, it's perfect for lazy days on the town. Balisier, a restaurant and a bar, offers picturesque views of Caribbean Sea and sunsets bestowing a romantic, warm and elegantly sophisticated atmosphere, all set to mesmerize you.

Ponderosa Tavern

(767) 245-6177

Located near Colihaut, Ponderosa Tavern is on Bioche Village. Salisbury is approximately four and a half miles (approximately seven kilometers) to the south-southeast. Seafood (of course) and International food make for an exciting meal at this chilled-out restaurant. Ponderosa Tavern is an open air restaurant with patio service. The laid back atmosphere makes it perfect for catching up with friends, enjoying a relaxed meal, or hosting a party.

Bamboo Restaurant

Calibishie | (767) 445-8537

Bamboo Restaurant

Bamboo Restaurant is located at Calibishie Lodges Hotel, and is a good option that's worth considering if you're thinking about visiting this side of the island. It is 0.3 miles east of Calibishie. When you and your hungry companions are banking on finding a tasty selection of International eats without all the fuss, this informal restaurant is just the thing. Bamboo Restaurant offers an international menu that has been adapted to fit a Caribbean and tropical theme. However, the one defining feature is that the food is all made fresh using local produce and products, making it healthier and more eco-friendly. Top-selling favorites include steamed fish in coconut sauce, and they are also known for special Calibishie sauces and Calibishie rum punches.

Rodney's Wellness Restaurant

Soufriere | (767) 245-4725

Situated in Soufriere, in the general vicinity of Scotts Head Village, Rodney's Wellness Restaurant is on Carrod's Garden. It's south-southeast of Roseau. People that want health food will especially enjoy eating here during a visit to Soufriere.

The Champs Restaurant, Bar & Pizzeria

(767) 445-4452

The Champs Restaurant, Bar & Pizzeria

The Champs Restaurant, Bar & Pizzeria, on the premises of Hotel the Champs, is on Blanca Heights; it is a short distance away to the south of Portsmouth. Tourists who are compelled to eat pizza will thoroughly like eating here during a visit to this section on Dominica. With one of the most beautiful views of Dominica, the restaurant, bar & Pizzeria of The Champs is a serene setting.

International Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
All Nations Bar and Restaurant 0.5 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau Creole, International --
Balisier Downtown Roseau Creole, Indian, International (767) 449-8800
Bamboo Restaurant 0.3 mi. East of Central Calibishie Caribbean, International (767) 445-8537
Chef Fontaine Grill 1.4 mi. South of Central Portsmouth International, Jamaican (767) 225-1105
Domcan's Cafe 0.7 mi. South West of Central Calibishie American, Caribbean, International (767) 445-7794
Italia Restaurant Downtown Roseau Creole, International (767) 440-4837
La Flambeau Restaurant & Bar 1.7 mi. South of Central Portsmouth Caribbean, International (767) 445-5142
Le Cafe Desiderata Downtown Roseau International (767) 448-6522
Ocean Terrace 1.2 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau Creole, International (767) 448-2638
Old Stone Grill & Bar Downtown Roseau Caribbean, International (767) 440-7549
Perky's Pizza Picard Portsmouth, Northwestern part of Dominica International (767) 445-3281
Perky's Pizza Roseau Downtown Roseau International (767) 448-1628
Ponderosa Tavern 1.0 mi. North of Central Colihaut Caribbean, International (767) 245-6177
Purple Turtle Beach Club 0.6 mi. Northwest of Central Portsmouth Caribbean, International (767) 445-5296
Rituals Coffee Picard 1.4 mi. South of Central Portsmouth International (767) 445-4223
Rodney's Wellness Restaurant 1.5 mi. North-Northeast of Central Scotts Head Village Caribbean, International (767) 245-4725
Romance Cafe 0.6 mi. South of Central St. Joseph International (767) 449-7922
Stonedge Lodge Restaurant 0.8 mi. West-Northwest of Central Salisbury International (767) 277-3607
Tamarind Tree Restaurant 1.9 mi. North-Northwest of Central St. Joseph Creole, International (767) 449-7395
The Champs Restaurant, Bar & Pizzeria 1.6 mi. South of Central Portsmouth International (767) 445-4452
The Tomato Cafe 1.6 mi. South of Central Portsmouth International (767) 445-3334
Veranda View Restaurant 0.2 mi. West of Central Calibishie International (767) 445-8900
Zam Zam Cafe 1.2 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau International, Mexican (767) 440-7969

Guests often find that the best places to dine on Dominica are those that you catch sight of - or scent of - during your exploration of different cities. But of course, you can't go wrong when you make a list of specific places to try. To read more regarding the types of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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