Spas In Dominica

Photo credit © Spa du Soleil

From natural outdoor springs to luxury high-tech facilities, the possibilities for spa treatments on Dominica are extremely varied.  Although the recommendation may be that you take advantage of the most natural options that you can while you are on the island, you'll feel most relaxed doing what you most feel comfortable with, so weigh your options and ultimately you'll know what you'll need to rejuvenate yourself while on vacation. 


Spa du Soleil
If you'd like to go to a spa, you might be happy to know several in this area.

If you're ready to unwind, you might want to contact Spa du Soleil. Inspired by ancient traditions and the healing nature of the volcanic grounds of Dominica, Spa du Soleil is one of the most harmonious spots on the island. Featuring numerous spa treatment options, your spirit will thank you when you book a package that includes several visits to this wellness center. They are found within southeastern Dominica.

Another option is Papillote Spa. More than your average spa, Papillote draws on the healing properties of Dominica minerals and water to create a unique experience for single and couple spa-goers. When you leave Papillote Spa, you will inevitably leave a more relaxed, rejuvenated you. You can call them at (767) 448-2287.

A third good option is Glo Spa. Glo offers luxurious spa services utilizing ingredients grown right at the Rosalie Bay Resort. Right on the riverfront, this spa will leave you feeling a bond with Dominica's natural world. They're found in Rosalie, in southeastern Dominica.

You can look through the following chart for a brief summary.

Spas On Dominica
Name Phone Location
Glo Spa (800) 831-9249 1.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Grand Fond
Papillote Spa (767) 448-2287 3.9 mi. Northeast of Central downtown Roseau
Spa du Soleil (767) 446-1789 1.2 mi. South-Southeast of Central Delices
Spa du Soleil at Jungle Bay (767) 446-1789 1.3 mi. South-Southeast of Central Delices

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