How Then Shall We Tip on Dominica?

Visitors to Dominica should tip workers from the local service and tourism industry

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Tipping constitutes a small but necessary part of a budget when traveling abroad. Not only does tipping show appreciation for the help and hard work of local service industry workers, it also infuses the local economy with more tourism-generated finances.

Many members of the service industry rely on the regularity and generosity of tips in order to make a living. These hard-working service industry members are the backbone of the tourism industry of any island because they provide friendly and helpful service to travelers who have decided to explore their captivating home. Tipping these tourism-industry workers shows appreciation for local culture while encouraging a tourist-friendly environment.


Some restaurants and hotels on Dominica may include a 10 percent service charge to the final bill. Extra tipping is discretionary, but for stellar service, leaving a small, additional percentage is encouraged and will be highly appreciated. When service charges are not included in the bill, travelers should tip 10 percent to 15 percent. If you're unsure about how much to tip housekeeping staff, you may wish to ask your hotel representatives about typical tipping procedures. Caribbean standards usually call for $2(USD) to $3(USD) per day.

Porters and bellhops who help travelers with luggage at the airport or a hotel will greatly appreciate tips for their service. By typical Caribbean standards, these service industry workers usually receive $1(USD) per bag. With taxi service regulated by the government, tips for taxi drivers are not generally required. However, drivers who help travelers with bags or conduct tours of the island should be tipped at the vacationer's discretion.

While Dominica is not the most popular sailing destination in the Caribbean, some travelers may come to the island by way of a fully crewed charter sailboat. Crews on these boats look after all of the sailing tasks and also often cook. These knowledgeable and hard-working ocean adventurers survive on their tips, and vacationers should tip the crew 10 percent to 15 percent of the cost of the charter.

Dominica is a unique tropical destination, with unparalleled natural scenery and the last surviving group of original native Caribs. Whether travelers have received friendly help with their transportation, accommodation, or dining, leaving appropriate gratuities will show a respect for the customs and culture of the people on Dominica.


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