Tourist Offices on Dominica

Tourist offices provide friendly contacts for information on Dominica


As travelers plan their trip to Dominica, they are likely to have questions about traveling to and staying on the island. Tourist offices are excellent sources of official information and can provide answers to specific questions and concerns.

Tourist offices play important roles as ambassadors for Dominica to the tourist world. These offices are given the task of representing this beautiful Windward Island by encouraging vacationers to explore the treasures it holds. While convincing someone to come to Dominica may not be a difficult task, these tourist offices must still be accountable for providing important and official news and information. More importantly, prospective travelers can consult these sources with their specific questions and concerns.

Travelers can find the Official Tourism Web site of Dominica at. This site is kept up to date with breaking news as well as upcoming events. Even those who have visited Dominica should find this site to be an excellent resource for current events and happenings on the nature island. Dominica has tourism offices in both the United States and Europe.

Tourist Offices

Location Contact Information
Dominica Division of Tourism
National Development Corporation
PO Box 293
The Commonwealth of Dominica
767-448-5840 (Fax)
United States Dominica Tourist Office
110-64 Queens Blvd.
PO Box 427
Forest Hills, New York 11375-6347
United Kingdom Dominica Tourist Office
Morris Kevan International
Mitre House
66 Abbey Road
Bush Hill Park
Enfield, Middlesex ENI 2RQ-UK
44-181-350-1011 (Fax)
France Dominica Tourist Office
12 Rue de Madrid
75008, Paris
48-87-32-85 (Fax)

Travelers who have unanswered questions about traveling to Dominica should always contact the relevant tourist office to receive enthusiastic and helpful answers.


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