What's Close to Casa Bonita

Nearby Beaches

Arguably some of the best places to visit in this region are the diverse beaches. Here, you shouldn't be too far from nearby beaches.

Each of the access points along the coast of the Dominican Republic have their own personalities; even differences between their amenities can have an effect on how enjoyable your visit is. Two of the most proximate beaches to the property are Playa Quemaito and Playa Azul.

Playa Quemaito is the one that's nearest to the lodge. Keep in mind that this enjoyable spot is found two and a half miles to the north-northeast of this property, so you won't have to journey too far to get to this stretch of coastline. Complete with the pristine beauty that the Dominican Republic is known for, Playa Quemaito is a top of the line tropical beach with the peacefulness of a remote beach. While you will have to travel a bit to get there, the nearby amenities, easy access, and little crowds make for a good day.

Nearby Areas

Travelers who are interested to know about what's in the surrounding area may be wondering how close (or far) the adjacent town or city is from their location. Casa Bonita is located in the Western side of the Dominican Republic, in the Dominican Republic; it is 8.3 miles to the south of Barahona.

The areas that are closest to Casa Bonita are listed in the table below:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
La Cienaga 2.2 SW
Payaso 5.2 NW
Barahona 8.3 N
Paraiso 8.7 SW
Los Patos 11.3 SW
Ojeda 11.5 SW
Polo 12.6 W
Leonardo 13.2 WSW
Cabral 14.0 NW
Fundacion 14.8 NNW

Nearby Attractions

Even though there are only a few attractions within close proximity to the lodge, you will be pretty close to Parque Villa Central, which is one of the closest choices.

To see more info about this or other nearby attractions, check out the table below:

Attractions Near Casa Bonita
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Parque Villa Central Park 8.8 N Barahona
Parque De La Ciencia Park 7.9 N Barahona
Fortaleza Restauración Ejército Nacional Historical Site 8.4 N Barahona
Parque Central Barahona Park 7.9 N Barahona
Parque De Los Sueros Park 7.7 N Barahona
Plazoleta Juan Pablo Duarte Park 8.1 N Barahona
El Arco Historical Site 8.1 N Barahona
Parque De Villa Estela Park 7.8 N Barahona
Parque Principal Park 14.9 NNW Fundacion
Parque Central Cabral Park 14.0 NW Cabral
Monumento Natural Miguel Domingo Fuerte Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 8.1 W 10.6 mi. South West of Barahona

If you're searching for an enjoyable experience, Parque Villa Central might be the right choice for you.

Nearby Accommodations

When choosing a location to stay in, it can often be a good idea to learn more about nearby accommodations in order to get a better feel for the surrounding area. Though there are only a handful of additional resort and hotel options in this part of the Dominican Republic, its tranquil surroundings ensure that it's an ideal option for those looking to enjoy a peaceful getaway. Be that as it may, you will still be able to find additional accommodations by heading out a bit farther. See the table below for complete details on the lodging options located in the surrounding area.

Accommodations near Casa Bonita
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Hotel el Quemaito 2.7 NNE 6.2 mi. South-Southeast of Barahona, the Dominican Republic
Hotel Casablanca 3.1 NNE 5.7 mi. South-Southeast of Barahona, the Dominican Republic
Hotel Playazul 4.7 NNE 4.8 mi. Southeast of Barahona, the Dominican Republic
Hotel Costa Larimar 7.5 N Barahona, the Dominican Republic
Hotel Guarocuya 7.6 N Barahona, the Dominican Republic
Hotel Ana Isabel 7.9 N Barahona, the Dominican Republic
Hotel Las Magnolias 8.0 N Barahona, the Dominican Republic
Hotel Cacique 8.0 N Barahona, the Dominican Republic
Hotel Loro Tuerto 8.0 N Barahona, the Dominican Republic
El Hotel Kalibe -- -- Paraiso, the Dominican Republic

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