Ciguapa Cascading Falls

Ciguapa Cascading Waterfall is a journey for a true adventurer. Prepare to trek through mountains and forest only to jump off cliffs into pools below to experience this waterfall in full. This waterfall is definitely one of the most extreme experiences the natural Dominican Republic has to offer.

This waterfall is a series of waterfalls and pools that are separated by drops of several stories. Luckily, the pools are deep enough that you can jump from cliff to cliff with the water. The sudden changes are due to the fact that the pools are located in the most mountainous region on the island, overshadowed by the highest peak, Pico Duerte. Despite this rough terrain, the water is absolutely beautiful in the pool; a bright green-blue color that seems too perfect and awfully inviting.


Ciguapa Cascading Falls is located south west of El Cerrazo, a hamlet in the Western side of the Dominican Republic; it is to the west of Jarabacoa.

This is not an easy waterfall to get to. In fact, not many tour groups even go to it. However, some of the villages around the falls rent out donkeys to those who ask for help, and they may show you the way. This is useful, because once you start going into the mountains, even four wheelers become inefficient, and walking, or riding a donkey, seems to be the only way.

Nearby Attractions

Other nearby attractions include Parque Nacional Jose Armando Bermúdez, which is within driving range in the Western side of the Dominican Republic.

More Information

Location: the Western side of the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Republic


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