Clothing and Attire in the Dominican Republic

Clothing should be comfortable yet appropriate on The Dominican Republic

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the Dominican Republic Clothing

The semitropical climate of The Dominican Republic influences vacationers to pack light linens and clothing while visiting the tropical island.

Weather is one of the main factors that will play a part in what kind of clothing travelers will want to bring on their trip to the Dominican Republic. The climate on the island is generally warm with little variation. There is some heavy rainfall during certain times of year on the island so vacationers should pack some rain gear in case of rain showers.

Social setting is also important when considering what clothing items to pack. Religion is important to the every day lives of the Dominicans, who are mostly Roman Catholic. If you plan on visiting a church, or attending a religious ceremony tourists should remember that the style of dress is usually conservative.

Do not wear shorts to church, and it is respectful for women to cover their heads before entering the church building. Also, men should remove hats or any head coverings before entering the church as a sign of respect. Local women often wear long sleeves and veils when attending church services.

Most resorts are fairly informal when it comes to appropriate attire. Shorts and bathing suits under a wrap, are considered acceptable most of the time at breakfast and lunch. Dinner time is usually more formal, and long pants and skirts, and collared shirts are normally worn. Restaurants in certain places, like Santo Domingo, sometimes have a stricter dress code. At lunch and dinner, it is suggested that men wear trousers and women wear dresses.

Dominican people dress similarly to Americans. Most wear summer clothes, like sandals, T-shirts, skirts, light jackets and sweaters. For special occasions, women may wear long dresses and skirts in bright colors like orange and yellow. Spanish influence is also present in the way that people in The Dominican Republic dress. 

Whether you'll be spending your time site-seeing or relaxing on the beach, the most imporant thing to remember is to bring along clothing that will be comfortable and cool.  Otherwise, pack clothes that are appropriate for each setting, and are not too revealing as to offend the sensibilities of local residents.


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