Constituents Monument

Honoring the Constitution and the freedom of Dominicans, this monument features thirty-three pillars that represent the thirty-three representatives that drafted the Dominican Republic's first constitution in 1844.

What to Expect

The Constituent's National Monument is a popular destination for photographs by both tourist and locals. Guests often stop by to take a look at the artistic design before going on their way.

The monument is set in a circular pattern, with the thirty-three pillars broken into groups of eleven surrounding the symbol of San Cristobal. Surrounding the monument is a garden, and then the busy street.

Staying Close

San Cristobal is a good option for those wishing to visit Constituents Monument, because those staying in this area of the Dominican Republic will be excited to have convenient access to the monument during their time there. With just a small number of accommodations around the area surrounding Constituents Monument, a small amount of tourist traffic should be bargained for.

Hotels near Constituents Monument
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Ayala Apart-Hotel Motel 0.2 mi. (23.8 km) W
Dominican Fiesta Hotel Hotel 9.2 mi. (8.8 km) E

Location and What's Nearby

The area near this monument is not precisely famous for its diversity of eating options, but guests with an adventuresome attitude just might come across a location where they can share a meal. Fela's Place, which serves Latin American fare, is very close-by, making it a great option for patrons here.


Contact Information

Location: Carretera Sanchez, San Cristobal, the Dominican Republic


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