All About Crime in the Dominican Republic

Safety is important no matter where you go

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Dominican Republic Crime

Recognizing potential dangers will help vacationers avoid unpleasant experiences while visiting The Dominican Republic.

For the most part, the Dominican Republic is generally safe for tourists and visitors to the island. There are some safety issues that should be considered while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, in order to have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

As in most places, there is crime in the Dominican Republic, but you rarely hear about violent crimes against tourists. The most common crimes that are frequently committed against vacationers are thefts and pick-pocketing. Visitors should avoid unmarked street taxis, which target tourists.

Passports are among the most popular stolen items on the island. Also, cash, credit cards, return air tickets, and driver's licenses should all be kept in safe places. Travelers should lock vehicles and make use of the hotel safe if one is available.

Tourists should be particularly aware when visiting the country's capital of Santo Domingo. When walking around the city, beware of street hustlers who could be into black marketing currencies. Also muggers and pick-pocketing are common in this area.

Use common sense and avoid dark secluded areas where potential danger could be.  It is not recommended that vacationers travel alone at nighttime. Many tourists hire guide services from locals to show them around while on vacation. It is best to go through a tourist office and get the services of an official guide.

If you do need assistance while visiting the Dominican Republic, travelers can contact local authorities by dialing 911 for emergencies.

The likelihood of you being a victim of a crime when you visit the Dominican Republic is slim, however, arriving prepared to handle any eventuality is always a good idea.


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