Outlets and Voltage in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic uses the same system as the U.S.

Photo credit: © Dreamstime.com

Dominican Republic Electricity

When traveling to any foreign country, voltage and electrical plugs are always a concern for a vacationer. The lack of a small, but essential appliance can put a dent in a otherwise great vacation.

Traveler's from the United States will have no problems plugging in their battery chargers or hair dryers while vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Electricity runs at 110 volts at 60 hertz (cycles), which is also the standard for the United States and North America. Outlets will also come in the standard U.S. two and three pin plugs. Travelers coming from Europe or the Pacific will need to bring voltage converters and plug adapters in order to be able to use their appliances.

Vacationers should protect major items such as laptop computers or charging camcorders with a surge protector, as electricity can be unpredictable. Many hotels will have their own generators to keep the electricity running should power fail in your area.

Traveler's always like to have their essential appliances when vacationing in a foreign country. With a surge protector in hand, travelers to the Dominican Republic should not have much of a problem using the electricity while on vacation.


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