Foreign Outposts in the Dominican Republic

You have a friend when you are in need


If travelers have questions before or during their vacation to The Dominican Republic, embassies and consulates can provide useful information and a helping hand.

Before leaving their home countries, travelers can contact their country's embassy to ask any questions they may have about the Dominican Republic. Before traveling to the Dominican Republic, vacationers are also encouraged to register with their embassy, which makes it easy for them to contact you in case of an emergency.

Here is a list of embassies to The Dominican Republic around the world:

Country Address Contact Information
United States
-New York
1501 Broadway Suite 410
New York NY, 10036
212-768-2677 (Fax)
United States
-Washington D.C.
1715 22nd Street NW
Washington DC 20008
202-265-8057 (Fax)
Canada 1470 Peel Street Suite 263
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1T1
514-284-5511 (Fax)
France 45, rue de Courcelles
75008 Paris
01 53 53 95 95
01 45 63 35 63 (Fax)

While travelers are on the island, they can contact these embassy offices, which are all located in the country's capital of Santo Domingo:

Country Location Contact Information
(on The Dominican Republic)
United States Calle Cesar Nicholas Penson
Santo Domingo
Canada Avanida Maximo Gomez 39
Santo Domingo
United Kingdom Fabrero 27
Santo Domingo

Chances are you won't need to have contact with the local consulates and embassies, but it is good to have their numbers on hand just in case. Keep these numbers with you on a piece of paper marked with your emergency contacts.


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