Ferries to the Dominican Republic

Ferry service provides limited service to areas in the Dominican Republic

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While many will choose to fly and drive throughout the Caribbean, some will find it more convenient to take a ferry or boat to get from island to island, or to expedite their travel around a particular island.

Riding the Ferries

For visitors looking to explore locations such as Saona Island, you must find a local boat charter to take you there. Ferries do not run between locations such as this. You are more likely to find a speed boat operator. Simply ask your hotel concierge what they would recommend.

Check the following chart for ferry details.

Ferry Docks
Name Location Island
Bahahibe Ferry Terminal 11.1 mi. (17.9 km) East-Southeast of La Romana Hispaniola
Caribbean Fantasy Santo Domingo Dock 1.1 mi. (1.7 km) South-Southeast of Santo Domingo the Dominican Republic
Ferries Del Caribe Downtown Santo Domingo the Dominican Republic
Isla Catalina Dock Serena Cay Hispaniola
Muelle De Luperon Luperon the Dominican Republic
Muelle Sabana De La Mar 10.1 mi. (16.3 km) South-Southwest of Samana Hispaniola
Samaná Ferry Dock Samana Hispaniola
Saona Island Ferry 22.1 mi. (35.5 km) Southeast of La Romana Hispaniola

International ferry travel has had its ups and downs in the Dominican Republic. Several ferry services with trips to Puerto Rico have tried to provide a solution for the demand for ferry transportation between the two countries, but have always failed. The most recent Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico ferry to come to fruition, however, seems to have staying power.  America Cruise Ferries has been transporting passengers between the two locales since April of 2011, and sees regular gains in popularity that keep the vessel afloat. Trips begin at $139(USD) round trip, and last between eight and twelve hours. Ferries del Caribe is another company that operate between the two locations as well.

Ferry Routes, the Dominican Republic
Location Served Dock A Dock B Company Frequency
Mayagüez Caribbean Fantasy Santo Domingo Dock Mayaguez Docks America Cruise Ferries 1 to 2 days per week
Old San Juan Caribbean Fantasy Santo Domingo Dock San Juan Ferry Port America Cruise Ferries 1 to 2 days per week
Samana Muelle Sabana De La Mar Samaná Ferry Dock El Bote several times per day

Ferries and boats, while certainly not the most popular form of travel in the Dominican Republic, and rarely formally arranged, are available to those who need their services in certain areas.


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