Staying Healthy in the Dominican Republic

Staying healthy while vacationing is important in enjoying your trip

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Staying healthy while on vacation is a concern that most travelers have. Most hotels and resorts on the Dominican Republic have English speaking medical staff available on site to handle any medical needs that you may have.

Most of the Dominican Republic's health care facilities are located in the larger cities like Santo Domingo. There are several clinics and physicians offices located on the island if vacationers need medical attention.

For serious medical problems, there is a nationwide medical evacuation service and Movi-Med ambulance service.

Contact Information for Movi-Med
Santo Domingo 809-532-0000
Santiago 809-587-3333
Puerto Plata 809-970-0707
All Other Areas 809-200-0911


Here are the medical facilities and their contact information on the island:

Facility Address Phone
Clinic Abreu Calle Beller #42 Ave. Independencia 809-688-4411
Corazones Unidos Fantíno Falco #21 809-567-4421
Center of Obstetrics and Gynecology Ave. Independencia #451 José Joaquín Pérez 809- 221-7100
Center of Medicine Avanzada Abel González Abraham Lincoln #953 809- 227-2235
UCE University Hospital Máximo Gómez and Pedro Henríquez Ureña 809-221-0171

For specialist or emergency in La Roma, contact Centro Medico Doctor Canella at telephone number 809- 556-3135, and in Punta Cana you can go to Centro Médico Punta Cana or call 809-552-1506 or 809-552-1974.

There are no immunization requirements to enter the Dominican Republic, but it is recommended that travelers visit their physician be up to date on certain vaccinations prior to their vacation. Here are some recommend vaccines and why they are important to have before going to the Dominican Republic:

Vaccine Reason
Hepatitis A All travelers should be up-to-date on this vaccination
Hepatitis B Important for those visiting the island for 6 months or more or having intimate contact with local residents
Typhoid Travelers eating outside of hotels and restaurants should consider having this vaccination
Rabies People who may have contact with local animals should have this
Routine immunizations All travelers should be up-to-date on tetanus-diphtheria, measles-mumps-rubella, polio, and varicella immunizations

Vacationers that are taking medication should bring an adequate supply of their medications while on their trip. Be sure that medicine is in clearly labeled containers, and carry a signed and dated letter from your physician describing the medical condition and listing medication names. To ensure that you have your medication readily available carry a supply of medicine in hand luggage as well as in checked baggage.

Before setting off on your vacation to the Dominican Republic, contact your health insurance provider to confirm whether or not your policy is effective overseas. If your company does not provide coverage while abroad, travelers may purchase supplemental coverage while on vacation. Also, be sure to bring a copy of your insurance card, claim forms, and any other relevant insurance documents.

There are a few health precautions that travelers can take to avoid an potential health risks.

  • Avoid swimming in fresh water like lakes, ponds, streams, rivers. Fresh bodies of water may be contaminated;

  • Don't drink water that is not from a bottle. Also, avoid any unpasteurized dairy products, and food that is undercooked or has been sitting out for long periods of time;

  • Wear bug repellent and long sleeved shirts and long pants to avoid mosquito and other insect bites.

Note that malaria is a common threat in some areas of the Dominican Republic, so it is best to consult with your doctor before you embark on your trip to discuss the best ways for you to personally prevent infection.

Additionally, seasoned travelers would suggest that you carry with you a Traveler's Medical Kit.  This should include the following items:

  • Painkillers including acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen;
  • Antihistamines;
  • Antacids;
  • Topical disinfectant;
  • Rubbing alcohol;
  • Bandages;
  • Thermometer.

Vacationing on the Dominican Republic can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Remember to take the necessary health precautions, and sit back and enjoy your time on this island paradise.


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