Isla Cabritos National Park

A remote park located on an island in a lake that is located in a remote area of the Dominican Republic; Isla Cabritos National Park is remote! With little in the way of amenities, guests will be enjoying the park for its quiet and undisturbed nature.

If you visit the park, you had better enjoy hiking, as that is all there is to do there. If you are a hiker, then you are sure to enjoy the long trails that guide you through an island and all the different terrain featured on it.


Isla Cabritos National Park is located 6.1 miles south west of Postrer Rio, a hamlet in the Western side of the Dominican Republic; it is 44 miles (70 and a half kilometers) to the west-northwest of Barahona.

There is only one way to get to Isla Cabritos, and that is by boat from one of the villages surrounding the lake.

Nearby Restaurants

Hungry visitors can pick from at least a few culinary options in the neighborhood of this wildlife reservation. The closest eatery to Isla Cabritos National Park is Hotel Iguana Restaurant, a great eatery to eat at on your way to checking out Isla Cabritos National Park. Hotel Iguana Restaurant is just about six miles from this nature preserve, so check it out and place your order.

More Information


You should plan your trip ahead of time and keep track of time. Chances are, you do not want to be on the island when the sun goes down.

Location: the Western side of the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Republic


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